Why You Don’t Need To Find A Blogging Niche


I took part in the #fblchat the other day, a chat I never usually have chance to take part in. The topic of whether you need to find a niche came up, one I’ve debated may times since starting my blog in 2013.

I feel like in the ‘typical blogging tips’ we all look at when starting a blog, we are told we need to find our niche, otherwise we’ll go un noticed. I was also told the same in this chat, I was told what Marketing is (my degree in Marketing and job as a Marketing manager made me laugh as I was being told this), and that branding is all about a niche.

Whilst refraining from telling said person to shut up I decided to write about it, as I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks about this topic.

So, do you need a niche for your blog? I’m 100% going to disagree and say no you don’t. I mean, I understand why people may disagree, it does make it easy to market yourself, but why restrict your creativity?

If I was to have got myself a little niche when I started, I would have been a beauty blogger. I mean, that isn’t an issue, as I am partial to a few beauty posts now and again, but they aren’t my favourite posts. I developed with my blog as not having a niche allowed me to do so. I decided I wanted to write about fashion, which moved into including a few lifestyle posts and some topical discussion pieces. A place where I can happily write about whatever I want!

You can still brand your blog, you just don’t need to have a niche? I brand my blog as well, a bit of everything, ensuring my branding doesn’t limit myself to just blogging about cheap beauty products or high end fashion. I want my blog to be a place people can come to read about pretty much anything, and I believe that having no niche allows me to do that.

Does not having a niche limit your opportunities with brands? People may disagree, but I don’t believe they do. By day I am a Marketing Manager for a number of luxury fashion sites. I wouldn’t walk away from a collaboration with a blogger because they also share recipes on their blog, or outfit posts of their dog.

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with various different brands within different industries because of my branding, my branding without a niche. My branding is me, it’s my writing, it’s my photos and well, my name. Nothing in this restricts me to being a gaming blogger or a food blogger. If I had remained a beauty blogger I wouldn’t have been offered a number of collaborations with fashion brands for example. 

One thing that was brought up in the #fblchat, was that you can’t make money from blogging if you don’t have a niche. I can’t help but laugh at this statement as there are so many blogs without a niche who make a living from blogging. Even I (a very small blogger) have been offered opportunities to earn money from blog posts, and I know plenty of others who have. Also, even if this was the case – who cares? I’m sick to death of talking to bloggers who don’t even have a passion for writing and just want to know where the money is.

There is nothing wrong with having a niche, if you have a passion for fashion and just want to blog about your personal style, that’s great. But don’t let anyone stifle your creativity by telling you, you need a niche, because you don’t. If you want to blog about whatever you want, do just that!

What do you think? Do you need a niche?

Beth X


  1. Definitely not! I don’t have a niche at all (I’ve tried before and I just can’t limit my post types) and I earn with my blog. Like you said, I really thought that I needed a niche to “fit in” to the blogosphere (probably because wherever you go they tell you you do) but I’m definitely happier being able to post whatever I wantโœŒx


  2. This is such a great topic, I definitely do not think you need to have a niche. I think if you prefer to stick to one topic (eg beauty) then that’s fine. Each to their own. However, for me personally, I feel like it would be very restricting and I feel like I would get bored and wouldn’t enjoy blogging as much.


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  3. I really don’t like the idea of feeling we have to pigeon-hole ourselves. We should write about the things we love and are passionate about, not what we feel we SHOULD or NEED to write about. We should blog for ourselves ultimately, not to please other people, or fit a certain “stereotype” of blogger x


  4. I totally agree with you, I don’t think you have to have a niche. Most of my posts are beauty related but I find that I get a lot of great feedback from my travel and recipe posts which is something I would like to include more off in my blog this year. Some people just post for the sake of it instead of trying to be a little bit different xx


    1. Do it girl! I was the same, started doing beauty posts but got really nice feedback when I started with different topics. I love a blog with varied subjects, so I make mine like that too ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your comment! Xx

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  5. I could not agree more! Before I started blogging last year, I had plans to write about whatever came to mind, but was too scared to because I kept reading how it is *essential* to have a niche. I plan to take my blog a bit more seriously this year, and have decided not to limit myself to just beauty posts.
    I think that as blogs become more like small online magazines it seems unnecessary to stick to one subject โ€“ after all if you buy a magazine like Grazia or Elle, they cover all sorts of topics. I have never thrown a copy of Grazia down in disgust because there is an article about children or interiors!
    (Sorry for the lengthy commentโ€ฆ.!!)
    Jill X


  6. Great post! I’m with you on the fact that you do not need to have a blogging niche. If you are passionate about a specific topic then by all means target your blog for that audience but I feel there are so many experiences that I personally wish to write about there is no way I can limit these to a niche! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Couldn’t agree more! Blogging is a hobby for most, why do some people have to focus completely on making a living? I get it, I really do and for most it would be incredible to be able to turn this into a full time job but ‘big’ bloggers didn’t get to where they are today because of their niche. It’s their writing, it’s their pictures, it’s right time/right place, luck etc. Hard work will eventually pay off and I don’t think having a ‘niche’ makes a crazy amount of difference. I don’t like how people try to put blogging in this ‘one size fits all’ box. It’s a blog, you blog whatever you wish to blog about, if that gets your opportunities/money/jobs, brilliant! Don’t try & be everyone else’s opinion on ‘what’s going to ‘make’ it’.

    Sorry for the long comment hehe!


  8. Ah I completely agree with this and it’s a topic I’ve seen a lot more blogger discuss recently. I get that if you want your blog to be a business, maybe a niche does help but I don’t think that it’s necessary. A niche can be very limiting and I even wrote about towards the end of last year and all the troubles it can bring up. Here’s to just writing about what we want to write about. We are our niche so what’s the point in trying to be anything but ourselves or just showing one side to our personality or interests?


  9. This is such a refreshing read! I’m just trying to get my blog started and I’ve been writing about anything and everything that I feel like – I want it to be my blog first, not just advertising space for random companies I’m not even really interested in.


  10. I agree! You don’t need a niche in your blogging, or even social media interactions. Where you might need a niche is in your product development and market research. For example, if you were to write a nonfiction book on beauty products, you probably would spend time in the beauty department, not the fantasy novel section.


  11. I’ve been breaking my brains about this niche thing as I am a newbie blogger myself who is still trying to find my feet in this blogging world. This is so refreshing to hear, thank you!


  12. Great piece. ..I have started a blog for the sheer creativity of it. ..and don’t think I want to limit to one topic unless certain posts stand out-even then I’m not sure I would๐Ÿ˜€


  13. Thank you so much for this post! I’m just beginning and this is something that has worried my neurotic mind a lot occasionally. It’s very comforting and encouraging to hear differing views on this. ๐Ÿ™‚


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