Recent Candle Purchases


I’ve always been a lover of candles, but since moving out in August I find myself picking them up constantly. I thought I’d share my recent purchases, as I know I’m not the only one who loves candles, and you may find some inspiration!


Back in December I attended the Clothes Show with a few of my work colleagues. To be honest, collectively we didn’t buy much but I couldn’t walk past the Flamingo Candles stand without having a quick look. For £10 you could pick 8 melts and you’d get a burner for them too. I’d followed these guys on Twitter for ages and been very tempted by their ‘The Melt Crowd‘ subscription box, so thought this would be a great introduction to the brand.

I chose some beautiful scents and have really enjoyed burning them, as you can see I still have loads of them left as the scent lasts for ages. My favourite so far has been Popcorn and I’m very tempted to order a few more online. They have so many different scents, and they’re only £2 each!

BW Whilst wandering aimlessly around Asda at the weekend (the boyfriend wasn’t with me so I could browse home bits happily), I spotted the above candles with letters on. I love things like this and on our Christmas tree we had decorations that were our initials. I know a lot of people dislike things like this (my sister in particular), but I love having personalised homeware.

These were only £2 each which I think is really good! I had to rummage for my initials though as there wasn’t much left. I wanted to get B & N (my boyfriend and I’s initials) but there was no N, so I decided to go with my own initials. I think they’ll look great in the background of blog pictures, and whilst not being used, I’ll have them on my desk.


Next we have a candle I picked up in Manchester in December, before I saw The Courteeners for the 3rd time that month. We were in Primark looking for something else when I walked past the candles. I had seen this on someones Instagram a couple of days previous and thought it was really cool looking, so naturally I picked it up. For £4 you can’t really say no, especially as it’s a really good size. I don’t think it looks Primark at all, if that makes sense? Plus, it smells divine!


Lastly, we have a sale purchase from Wilkos, a store I don’t really go in very often. I was having a nosy at the Christmas sale bits and pieces when I spotted this candle. It doesn’t look particularly festive and I thought it might look nice in the background of blog photos etc. so I decided to take it home. It was originally £3 but I got it for £1.50! It was only when I got to the till and the woman looked at it and called it odd that it made me think, maybe it isn’t as nice as I thought!? Either way, I think I like it!?

Where are your favourite places to pick up candles?

Beth X 

Thanks for reading! :)

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