Choosing New Glasses with Specsavers


I’ve been a glasses wearer since I was 16 and I think I’m one of the few people that loves wearing them. I mean it can get annoying when you have false eyelashes on and if you put too much foundation on around the bridge of your nose, you end up with make-up covered glasses – but we live and learn.

Not so long a go I got the opportunity to go into my local Specsavers for a free eye test and pair of glasses – I jumped at the chance, especially as I already use Specsavers anyway. It was only after I had booked my appointment, went in and sat down with the lovely girl in there that I realised I hadn’t had my eyes tested since 2012! I hadn’t felt any change in my eyes so hadn’t been to have an eye test, but I couldn’t believe I’d left it so long.

After I got over the shock I was taken to have photos of my eyes so the health of them could be checked, in preparation for me to see the optician. After a couple of minutes waiting I saw the optician who was really good. He kept me informed on what each of the tests was for and reassured me that my eyes were stable and in good health. He allowed time for me to ask questions which I thought was really nice, eyes are pretty important after all!

After a chat about my blog (which he had a quick read of after I’d left the room – so embarrassed ha!) I was taken back out to browse the glasses. Luckily, I had a helping hand as I am clueless when it comes to picking glasses for myself. I usually dread this bit as I feel really awkward, but I was instantly put at ease when help was offered. Also, I’d recommend going early on a Sunday morning (I know, early start on a Sunday?!) as it’s really quiet and you don’t feel rushed to pick and pair and get out!

I tried on quite a few frames recommended to me by the lovely assistant (wish I’d got her name!), all of which we decided were too narrow for my face (damn round head). There were so many lovely pairs and brands to choose from I settled on a pair from Osiris, a brand I hadn’t heard from. They had some gorgeous pairs of glasses, however the ones I picked I can’t find online!

Once I found ‘the ones’, I took a seat and my measurements were taken so the lenses could be fitted correctly. Technology has come on loads since I last went in 2012 (I sound like someones grandma), so where a ruler used to be used, a photo is now taken on an iPad and the assistant can alter accordingly. This ensures that the most accurate information is sent through and your lenses are as perfect as possible.

I was recommended to go with an anti-glare coating, as since my last visit I’ve started driving. It’s quite sad just how excited I am to have anti-glare on my new glasses, it’s going to change my life when driving at night, for sure!

I’m going to collect them at the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for another post where I’ll model my new glasses for you… even if you don’t want to see! Does anyone else find new glasses so exciting?

Beth X

Huge thank you to Specsavers for the amazing service and gifting me an eye test and glasses – can’t wait to pick them up!


    1. I agree! I’ve been into Boots Opticians with my little brother and sister before and didn’t like much of their selection! Can’t wait to pick my new ones up and show you! 🙂


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