The Office Look



Coat – Primark | Top – Vila via ASOS | Skirt – Newlook | Shoes – Truffle Collection via ASOS

I work in an office that is pretty laid back when it comes to attire, which is great for the days I’m feeling like crap and want a huge jumper and trainers to see me through the day.

However, I usually turn up in something similar to the above, mainly because it is easy to throw together but looks like I’ve made an effort – win.  You’ve probably seen this coat in various outfit photos as I very rarely take it off. It’s only recently since I bought this coat from ASOS that it’s had a breather. It was a Primark sale purchase in 2014 and its quite possibly one of my favourite buys ever. This skirt is another purchase I love as I find the cut of it really flattering, I also love to add a bit of tan/camel to my wardrobe too. Newlook is my favourite place to pick up skirts like this as they’re a really good price, but last really well too. My top and shoes are both new purchases from ASOS; the shoes to replace my old Primark ones which were very similar and the top because, well I needed tops. I love the detail in this and the sleeves really please me as my arms aren’t one of my favourite things.

What do you wear to work?

Beth X


  1. Love it! What a cute skirt! I’m lucky to have a similar work environment when it comes to work attire. I definitely agree with your attitude: If it’s comfy, easy to throw on and looks even a tiny bit smarter than jeans and a tshirt, it’s my new favourite outfit.


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