What’s On My Desk?



I spend the majority of my life at my desk in the office (sad but true!) so I thought I’d share what I keep on my desk. I’m really nosy so love anything like this! I’ll be honest, this is my desk after a deep clean, but you wouldn’t have wanted to see it before! Add in a couple of half empty water bottles and a few wrappers and you have my usual desk!

I’ll start with my desk tidy which is from LEGO and was a Christmas present in 2014 from my boyfriend. He hid a MAC lipstick and Pandora charm in it which was really cute. I have dragged this from previous jobs as I love it so much – yes it makes me look like a child, but it’s cool! In here I keep various pens, fine liners, highlighters etc and the head in the middle is a pencil sharpener. I’ve had a look online to find this, but it seems to be out of stock, unless you want to pay stupid money at Amazon (here).

Since I started my new job I discovered Pop Vinyls and instantly knew I wanted ALL of the Disney ones! When I had the opportunity to get my hands on a few from Pop In A Box, I was so excited as I think they look amazing on my desk. I know a lot of people will hate these, but surely any Disney lover will adore them? I have Coronation Elsa*, Cogsworth* and Joy* and I am already eying up loads more.

If you love these as much as I do you can subscribe to the Pop In A Box monthly subscription service. From £8.49 a month you can ensure you receive a Pop you want by using black listing any pops you don’t want! I’ve already started marking a thumbs up on all of my favourites… Give. Me. All. Of. The. Disney.

In an attempt to be a bit healthier I have stocked up on vitamins* from myvitamins – which are all stored in the power tower on my desk. I’m useless when it comes to taking vitamins and suppliments so having these on my desk is really going to help me in remembering! I went for Essential Chewable Vitamin C, Total Raspberry Ketones and True Women – Hair, Skin & Nails.

I also have my dairy on my desk which is from Personal Planner – this is my second year using a planner I made through these guys and I can’t recommend them enough. They have some gorgeous designs to choose from, or you can upload your own! I have a compartment in the back of this to store important papers, and then everything else sits underneath my desk on top of my computer. I really need to get a storage box for it all though!

 What is your desk essential?

Beth X


Thanks for reading! :)

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