Lush Valentines Day Range 2016





Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Lush, and can imagine my excitement when I saw on Instagram that the Valentines Day range had landed in stores. Yesterday, I dragged my boyfriend into town to pick up a few bits from the range.

Prince Charming Shower Cream – £4.95

I’ve only recently got into the shower creams from Lush and now have a nice little collection. Whilst I’d usually stick to bath bombs/bubble bars in limited edition ranges, I decided to add to my collection and pick up Prince Charming. I know a lot of people who love this scent and I’m definitely one of them. With vanilla and pomegranate juice, this smells good enough to eat!

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb – £3.95

I’m pretty sure this is a new product for this year and I love how subtle it is. It has Brazilian orange oil and vanilla in it, so as you can imagine it has a whirl of chocolate orange scents. I’m really looking forward to dropping this in a bath as I think the hearts inside float – so cute.

Roses All The Way Soap – £4.25

I’m not usually one for a hard soap, I much prefer liquid but I couldn’t walk out without this, in fact it was the first thing I picked up. If you like the scent of Rose Jam you need this in your life.

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar – £4.25

It’s back! This is probably one of my favourite Lush products so I’m definitely hoping someone picks up on this and thinks to buy me a few for my Birthday – haha! I love the mix of the ylang ylang and lavender oils as this smells absolutely gorgeous. Also, it’s a unicorn horn, who wouldn’t want one?

I know that there are a couple of other bits in the range, such as The Kiss lipgloss and lip scrubs and a number of different gift sets. I’ve looked through the gift sets and didn’t really like the look of any, I mean of course the packaging is gorgeous but wasn’t in love with the contents.

Are you going to pick anything up from the range?

Beth X 


  1. Eeeeeeek how exciting !!! I don’t think I have ever picked anything up from their Valentines Day range (I LOVED the Easter range last year)… But I’ll be popping to Lush soon .. Probably to pick up Prince Charming & Unicorns Horn!
    Fab post lovely!


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