6 Blogs You Need To Follow


I go through phases when it comes to reading blogs, I think it’s partly because I come into contact with bloggers at work on a daily basis and write my own blog that I end up becoming bombarded by blogs.

Having said that, there are a few I always read without fail and I thought I’d share them with you. Basically, go and follow them all, they are gems!



I’ve followed this girl on Twitter for as long as I can remember and she is a ball of positive energy. I love how over 2015 she came into her own and found the confidence to explore fashion posts. She is such a beauty and a blog I always look for when I’m looking for a read – you can always rely on this girl having something new for you to read.


A Yellow Brick Blog

Kirstie is one of my favourite bloggers, having followed her for a while and worked with her from a brand point of view, she is nothing but professional. She is another blogger I go to for positivity as both her blog and Twitter are full of happiness. I love her knowledge of Disney and our share obsession with ASOS. I swear this girl is responsible for my sad looking bank balance!


Almost Couture

Lily is one of my favourite people ever and is a bloody good egg, so when I came across her blog not long after meeting her at work I was hooked. Her witty and sarcastic personality comes across perfectly and is an absolute hoot. She is the girl I go to for style and make-up advice as she knows her stuff and my life would be a hell of a lot more boring without her.


Style Trunk

Could I write this post without including Angharad? Her ability to dress in a bin bag and look effortlessly chic still amazes me and as nice as she is, I could turn up to work in my finery and still look like a pile of crap next to her (hate you Angharad). Her blog is everything I’d like mine to be, except my love of Disney and other garish things means the sophisticated life style will forever be out of reach. You should still follow her though…

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.44.03

Annie Writes Beauty

This girl is one of my favourite people on Twitter – not only is she hilarious, but she speaks her mind and doesn’t give a crap if she isn’t a ‘typical blogger’ – my favourite kind of person. Her blog is an extension of her personality and is one I really enjoy dipping into!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.50.22

Thumbelina Lillie

I’ve had the pleasure of following Megan’s blog for ages and collaborating with her with a brand at work. Not only is she beautiful, but her blog imagery is too and it makes it a pleasure to read. She is one of those people who spreads all sorts of positivity on my Twitter timeline – which is very much needed when I’m feeling anything but positive!

What are your favourite blogs to read?

Beth X


  1. YOU ABSOLUTE SWEETHEART. Thank you so so so much for including me. It’s made my little day. One for the positive box 👌🏻 plus blogs I love and others I really need to check out, Angharads style is impeccable!
    Bee xxx


  2. I have not heard of these bloggers – clearly I live life on the edge!

    I joined Twitter a few months ago. Since then I have felt overwhelmed by the number of fashion/beauty/mummy bloggers on here. It is like a new world to me.


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