Elegant Touch Pre Glued Nails



I love nothing more than getting my nails done, and months of acrylics have killed off my nails. In a bid to help them grow I’ve decided to ditch them and try other ways of making my nails look pretty.

I’ve tried various Elegant Touch nails in the past, but always the ones you had to glue yourself. However, when in Boots before Christmas I spotted these and decided I’d use them at some point over the party season. I had gel nails over Christmas so decided these would be my nail of choice for NYE.

The Elegant Touch Pre Glued Nails in the shade Twinkle were fairly simple to apply. The only thing I didn’t like about the application is that it’s quite difficult to check which one was the best size for each nail, as I usually place it on the nail before applying the glue. As this isn’t an option with them being pre glued I ended up with nails that were slightly too big on my thumbs. Once these were applied (you literally just stick them down) I was good to go, for a night of gin and celebrations.

I was pleased with how these stayed put, I had brought the spares in my bag just incase but I didn’t need to use them. They looked great and I was really happy with them, but I could feel the part of the nails closest to the nail bed start to come away, which instantly made me feel like they were going to fall off.

They didn’t fall off… until the next day when one fell off, and then another. These aren’t the cheapest nails at £7.95 and I wish I’d bought the ones that come with glue to do yourself. I find these are a lot more secure on the nails, and if one did fall off you could just re-glue. When these fell off I wasn’t sure what to do as the strip of glue was attached to the false nail, but would no longer stick.

I understand the concept of these, but just don’t feel like they are something I could use on a regular basis. If you are looking for a set of nails to wear on a night out, these fit the bill, and beat paying £25+ for a set of acrylics.

Have you tried these? 

Beth X

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