Five Guys, Liverpool


 At the weekend I met up with one of my favourite people, Aisling. She is one of those people I could not talk to for a month and then start a conversation and pick up where we left off. Definitely the best types of people!

We decided to try the new Five Guys in Liverpool as neither of us had eaten at Five Guys before and we’d heard nothing but great things. I had actually had one of their milkshakes before I saw Hairspray on New Years Day, but sadly we had already eaten so I couldn’t sample the food!

Luckily, I hadn’t eaten a thing all day on Saturday so was ready to devour the meal I ordered. I went with a hamburger with ketchup and onions, a small fries, regular Coke AND a chocolate milkshake. You can pick up to 15 (I think) toppings for your burger at no extra cost!

Once we had both ordered, Aisling waited for the food whilst I took on the task of finding us somewhere to sit. I’ll be honest, it was a slight ordeal as the place was rammed. Eventually I found us a table with a really good view of the rest of the restaurant, who doesn’t love a good people watch?

The decor in Five Guys is exactly what you’d expect, very American! There was music playing (rather loudly I thought), but overall the place had a nice atmosphere. When the food arrived it was faultless! The chips were huge considering they were a small (they had filled the box and throw in loads more!) and my hamburger had two burgers on, always a winner! There is unlimited drinks too if you buy a regular Coke, which I always enjoy.

Price-wise this isn’t your local McDonald’s and I did spend around £16 on the above. The milkshake was almost £5 so without that it isn’t too badly priced if you ask me. There are options for smaller burgers too which is perfect if you are looking for a lighter snack. And for any vegetarians, I did notice there were some options on the menu too.

Overall, I’d definitely go back here as the quality of the food was lovely. I think I’m actually going again this week with my boyfriend. He hasn’t been so it would be rude not to accompany him, right?

Beth X

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