Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask


This mask has been on my radar for bloody ages, but I’ve never fancied paying the £23 for it, incase it was 1) crap or 2) my skin decided it hated it and I got a gazillion spots. Whilst chatting to the girls over on Lookfantastic at work, about how I was going to put this on my birthday list, one of them reappeared with this mask* to try. I was made up and feel like I’ve tried it enough times to share my thoughts.

Application is like with any other charcoal mask, and less is definitely more with this product, so it’s going to last a while I think. I’ve been popping this on and then having a bath whilst it dries, am I the only one who loves the feeling of these masks drying on your face?

I love the results of this once I remove the mask with a damp face cloth as it clears my pores like no other product I’ve tried. This is definitely a product I’ll continue to use every week and when it comes to repurchasing I won’t hesitate to do so. It’s £23 which is quite pricey for a face mask, but if it works, surely it’s worth it? To make it even better it’s currently £20.70 on Lookfantastic, winner.

Lookfantastic is one of my favourite beauty sites and more recently some amazing brands have been cropping up on their premium beauty page. Definitely worth checking them out, I’ve already forwarded my boyfriend a wish list that links 98% to their website.. oops!

Have you tried this? What is your favourite Origins mask?

Beth X 

Thanks for reading! :)

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