Finally Hat Weather?





Hat – Primark | Coat – Primark | Top – ASOS | Jeans – Primark | Shoes – ASOS | Bag – Aspinal of London via MyBag

It’s official – the cold weather has hit and it’s now acceptable for me to wear a hat. Whilst from that perspective this outfit is weather appropriate… my shoes quite clearly aren’t. When I left the house it wasn’t raining so thought I’d be safe, turns out the minute I got in the car the heavens decided to open  and ended up with soggy, wet feet… yay.

I love everything about this top and think the coat goes perfectly. The Aspinal of London bag is one of my favourite purchases ever. I think a lot of people only bring out expensive purchases on special occasions, but for the money I spent on this I use it everyday! 

Do you love this bag?

Beth X 


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