The Side of Blogging I Hate 

 I enjoy blogging and my blog has been part of my life for over two and a half years. I’ve had some great opportunities, met some amazing people and very much liked having somewhere on the internet to dump my thoughts on random topics and share a new lipstick or outfit that I like.

The one side of blogging I absolutely can’t stand is the expectation that I as a blogger should support anyone else who labels themselves as a blogger, simply because they are a blogger. Or that I as women should support anyone else that is a woman.

I’m all for supporting people I agree with or have something in common with, but it’s my choice who I choose to support, isn’t it? Well so I thought anyway. 

In an ideal world full of people who are happy to sit back and stay quiet about other people’s actions, the above would work. However, I am proud to say I am a person who is very much open with my thoughts, and if I disagree with something I tend to make it known. The same way as, if I agree with someone’s opinion or like their lipstick I’ll tell them.

Why is it OK to tell someone you are happy with their opinion or lipstick choice, but you are branded as negative, rude and a hideous person for challenging it? I get that there are people who are all about spreading positivity and very much believe that if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. But come on, we aren’t 5 and in the playground anymore.

In the real world, you will encounter people who disagree with your opinions and I know there will be people who disagree with this post. Great, we are all different people. But I’d hate for people to pretend they agree with my life choices, because they HAVE to agree with me, as a woman and blogger. I’d rather have heated discussions with friends, disagreements with colleagues and arguments with my boyfriend about which milk to buy, because it’s healthy and I think it’s important to understand scenarios from other people’s opinions.

I’d hate to be someone who pretends to be happy all of the time, who is scared to be negative or voice their opinion because bloggers will join in their cult-like fashion and criticise you for sharing an opinion that doesn’t agree with another blogger.

I shared a negative opinion on Twitter the other evening. You know because that is the beauty of Twitter? You can share your thoughts, positive or negative. I also wasn’t ‘attacking’ anyone – it was simply a statement on what I thought (which would have been lapped up if I AGREED with the person). I wasn’t criticising people who work in social media, but there were a few people who blew their shit and decided that’s what I said. As an isolated task, I don’t believe scheduling tweets is a chargeable service. I have colleagues at work who run the social media sites for 4 of the retail websites, those which I manage the affiliates for. It isn’t an easy task with strategy creation, sourcing content etc, with scheduling tweets being a small part of that. It’s an integral part of a company’s social media strategy, I am very much aware of that, but for bloggers? Surely if you forget to schedule your tweets, who cares? I really enjoy my blog but I’d rather save my money than have scheduled tweets. But I don’t care about how many page views I get, because I do this as a hobby. 

There are some amazing bloggers on Twitter that I have the pleasure of following. Most of them write thought provoking posts that, believe it or not, may come across as NEGATIVE. They might even disagree with another woman, imagine that? I follow these bloggers as they make me laugh, have great content, take pretty pictures, have interesting opinions (that I may not agree with which provokes a discussion) or I like their clothes.

I’m quite happy to not be in any group, gang, clique or be regarded as anyone’s sister (apart from my ACTUAL sister). I’m quite happy living my life with amazing friends, work colleagues who make me chuckle, a boyfriend who is fab and a forum on the internet where I can say what I want (as well as loads of really cool people online too).

I don’t care if I have 10 followers or 10,000 I won’t be fake to make friends, I won’t be fake to gain followers and I most certainly won’t be fake for page views. I’m myself for… myself really. I have my own opinions and don’t care if you are a woman like I am, a blogger like I am, are 22 like me, work in Marketing like I do or love The Courteeners as much as me – if I disagree with you, I won’t pretend I agree. If I want to voice my opinion, I will and you should also feel like you are able to do the same. 

Never feel like you need to ‘fit in’ in the blogosphere, is isn’t about the clique you are in, it’s about enjoying writing content, having chats and discussions on Twitter and feeling as if you are allowed to support whoever the hell you want, because let’s face it, in the real world, you are. 

 Beth X


  1. It’s weird, isn’t it? How can anything be “good” if nothing is “bad” for comparison? We can’t be expected to like everything. I’d definitely prefer people to tell me if they disagree with me on something than for them to just say nothing.


  2. *applauds again* God, I hate bloggers on twitter sometimes. I completely agree with everything here, just because someone bought a shit blog template and takes pictures on a marble background – it doesn’t mean I have to lap up everything they say. And likewise – this whole clique thing where ‘girls are the best and let’s be blogging buddies forever’ yet they’re the first ones to pounce if you say something slightly controversial? Give me strength! x


  3. I agree with this so much! I can’t be happy 100% of the time because it just isn’t life, I’m going to get annoyed and sometimes vent on Twitter. I’m not going to follow every single blogger because I just don’t like every single blog I come across, it shouldn’t make me a bad person because I just don’t like what someone blogs about.

    Thank you so much for putting this into words.

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka


  4. I don’t often comment on your posts Beth but a great post. You have always been honest and genuine, never change that it defines who you are xx


  5. That’s what I love about you Hun, we don’t all live in a world with glitter and butterflies as much as we would love to…….we are entitled to our own opinions, and that should be what sets us apart…… And people shouldn’t judge anyone else, twitter is all about opinions, and as long as no bullying is involved people shouldn’t interfere xx


  6. Interesting post. I always find it funny when people use the ‘I’m a blogger’ sentence. What so I’m now meant to kiss your arse?
    I’ve not been blogging long but I’m slowly getting to grips with who I am and that its ok not to follow the crowd.
    Debate is healthy and shouldn’t be seen as a negative when you voice a different opinion. That’s the beauty of discussion.

    Bex x


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