20 Things That Happen When You Move In Together


I moved in with my boyfriend in August and loving it. I thought I’d share some of the things that you realise when living with your other half. Of course this isn’t serious but I’m sure we can all relate to a few!

1. The food shop is the highlight of your week. ‘Can we get some of those snazzy yogurts?’ What a TREAT!

2. You have arguments about things you never thought would warrant an argument.

3. You have your own spaces on the sofa, and all hell breaks loose if one of you decides to move one evening.

4. Socks. Socks everywhere. Are they clean? Who knows.

5. The drawer of crap in the kitchen your parents had at home, the one you vowed wouldn’t make its way into your house, happened, and it didn’t take long!

6. There are piles of things everywhere. Piles of clothes with different statuses, ‘needs washing’, ‘OK to wear again in the house’, ‘needs ironing’. Piles of rubbish that haven’t quite made it to the bin, or random wires that haven’t made it to the drawer full of crap in the kitchen.

7. You have designated rubbish puter-outer-ers. It wasn’t a spoken thing, one of you just assumed the position. Whilst the other gets really annoyed that you don’t take it out often enough.

8. One of you has different kitchen standards to the other. They just don’t understand that all surfaces need wiping…

9. You spend far too long hovering around the clearance section at the Supermarket deciding if you have space in the freezer for that marked down chicken.

10. The TV creates more arguments than anything else. But he does watch football ALL the time, I mean – when can I actually watch Frozen?

11. The things they just don’t understand – ANOTHER CANDLE!? Erm, they are an essential thank you very much.

12. Having to get make-up ordered to work, transporting it in your largest handbag and then slipping it into your current collection – they will never know you’ve just spend £150 on MAC and Urban Decay.

13. When clothing is harder to smuggle into your wardrobe so you constantly use the excuses ‘well I have NOTHING to wear’ and ‘I need them for outfit posts.’

14. The constant arguments about how much water you use because you have 3 baths a week.

15. When meal planning is a sad reality – am I really going to fancy pasta bake next Thursday?

16. When he finally accepts that the spare room is your room because you need a whole room to store all of your make-up.

17. Getting out of doing anything because you are VERY busy blogging.

18. When they realise that blogging chats are more important than them. Sorry, 8pm on a Sunday? Can’t do anything, it’s the #bbloggers chat, duh!

19. Just when they got used to having to wait at restaurants before eating, so you can snap a photo for Instagram, they have to get used to being your personal photographer. ‘No, I hate all 55 photos you took of me, lets go again. Oh hang on, need some with my bag… And then with my coat off! Did you get a close up of my lipstick?’

20. To save money (and because you are lazy), you try to ensure each Sunday afternoon is spent as one set of parents house eating all of their food.

I know these are all a bit stupid, but I’d love to know if you can relate to any!

Beth X


  1. After living with my other half for over 4 years I can definitely relate to a few of these. In particular, socks being EVERYWHERE and meal plans, bloody meal plans haha.

    Funnily enough Ed has now come to appreciate my candles after spending years moaning about them. I’ve even come home once and found that he’s already lit one! xx



    1. Defo with u on the socks, kitchen and candles! ♡ …also we have cats so who’s turn it is for litter change is a regular discussion


  2. I moved in with my boyfriend at the start of the month and I’m laughing so much at this. We have a “shit drawer” in the bedroom that has all the random stuff we have no place for and it’s full already!

    I’m still only allowed 3 candles around the house at once though, but my friend has mentioned that she’ll bring small candles as gifts every time she visits, so I have to burn them or it’s rude!



  3. Number 12 is definitely the one for me 😉 I’ve lived with my other half for 6 years now and almost every one of these rules apply. ESPECIALLY the sock one, I’ve lost so many socks in the 6 years that we’ve lived together. I hate doing the dishes which can sometimes cause tiffs and bargaining: “I will clean the bathroom of you do the dishes” and our spare room has become my walk in wardrobe, but I wouldn’t want to live with anyone else, ever. He’s the greatest roomie in the world, from lazing around in pjs at the weekend, watching Star Wars to us organizing the ‘crap’ drawer – I wouldn’t change anything 🙂 great post chick! xxx


  4. Haha I love this and relate to so many of these! My boyfriend and I basically live together but the perks of still having my own flat is that I can blame him for the mess and tell him to wipe the sides as it’s his flat. Thankfully I’ve got him obsessed with candles and he loves it when I buy a new one.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty


  5. Haha love this, I don’t live with my boyfriend but the bench wiping already irritates us. If I put a spoon down on the bench with sauce on as I’m not finished with it yet, you can guarantee he will wipe the bench and balance the spoon somewhere so that it’s not resting on the bench!

    Pasta bake sounds good any day of the week!
    Ami x


  6. I’ve lived with my partner for a year now and one thing I can say for him…he LOVES candles. His ex was a heavy smoker so he obsessively burns candles around the house and I must admit it smells tremendous when I come home


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