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After a lot of extremely subtle hints, I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for the Lush Spa at Christmas. I was so excited as after reading up on the different treatments they offer, I knew I wanted The Comforter.

I wasn’t sure when I wanted to book it in, but as I couldn’t wait I decided to book a Friday off in January and have a day for myself! I emailed to book in and after a phone call the day before to confirm I’d be attending I was all set for a day of pampering!

I arrived 15 minutes before my appointment as recommended and they sorted out my payment, told my therapist I had arrived and I was left to have a wander around the store.  I could have spent a small fortune but luckily my therapist, Kora, introduced herself before I could grab a basket.

Kora led me upstairs to the spa and we sipped water whilst I signed a consent form. She then explained exactly what she would be doing during the treatment, and had solid versions of the products that would be used throughout. I was told of all of the ingredients and how they would benefit my skin, which I found really interesting.

I was then given the opportunity to use the bathroom (which is full of Lush goodies to try!) and was led to the treatment room. Here Kora explained everything, allowed for questions and left me to undress and get comfortable. I then rang the bell on the side and Kora re-entered, ready to start the treatment.

The Comforter treatment is a warm chocolate body scrub and rose scented massage. The bed has a heated mattress and blanket and not to spoil it too much, it’s basically a warm hug. It lasted about an hour and whilst you are just in your knickers, only one part of your body is out of the warm duvet at a time. I was a little nervous about getting my kit off in front of a stranger as I’m not the most body confident, but only your legs, arms, back and chest (boobs are covered!) are exposed, and massaged, one part at a time.

The Comforter is suppose to be fun and remind you not to take life too seriously. The music played throughout consists of covers from as early as the 70’s, and includes a lot of film soundtracks. I’ve heard some people even find themselves singing along! Although I did spend most of the time practically asleep!

Once the treatment was complete, I was told to relax, to get up when I felt ready and to get dressed and meet Kora outside the treatment room. I was then treated to an amazing candy floss drink, again another reminder not to take life too seriously and left to enjoy it, sign the lovely guestbook and wander around and take snaps of the gorgeously decorated room.

All in all my experience took around 2 hours and I enjoyed every second of it. Everything is really well thought out and you are put at ease from the minute you walk through the door. I’m definitely going back to try a different treatment! A huge thank you to Kora for being an amazing therapist and to my boyfriend for this Christmas present.

Have you been to a Lush Spa?

Beth X


  1. I’ve had the Good Hour treatment a couple of times and whole-heartedly recommend it. It’s amazing 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your treatment too.


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