NYX Lip Creams


I can’t remember exactly how I came to own these, I either bought one at the Clothes Show or a work colleague gave me one. Either way, I own a few of these NYX Simply… Lip Creams and as I’m a lip product enthusiast I decided to give these a try.

The top shade is one from the Simply Vamp range and I think it’s in the shade Enamored. The product itself was a gorgeous brown shade with a touch of metallic… sounds horrendous but I fell in love with it. This is where the ‘love’ I felt sort of… fizzled out. The product fell out of the packaging (as you can probably see in the top image), which made is really difficult to apply to the lips. This was a huge let down as the staying power of these isn’t actually that great either, so I needed to apply this numerous times throughout the evening.

I found the shades I have in the range to be pretty pigmented, but you get what you pay for with these as I believe they are around the £3 mark. They don’t last long on the lips so expect to be re applying it more often than not. The quality of the packaging isn’t great either, and I know it’s a cheap product but I’ve had products for the same price that have both looked and felt a lot more expensive for the money.

I’d definitely pay a little bit more and pick up the Revlon Matte Balms instead.

What do you think of these? Have you tried them?

Beth X

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