The Grey Coat


I’m a little bit obsessed with stripes at the moment and whilst I only bought this striped top last weekend.. I bought two more today. Oops.

Coat – Forever21 | Top – New Look | Jeans – New Look | Shoes – ASOS

I’ve been looking for a grey coat exactly like this one for months. All of my work colleagues own a grey coat and whilst I of course wanted to fit in (duh), I also loved how they are a step away from the usual black coat, but still go with everything. Whilst waiting to go in for my Lush Spa treatment (review here), I popped into Forever21 as it’s opposite the Lush store. I’ve never bought anything from there before but I eyed up a rail of coats that were in the sale, with 50% off the marked sale price. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the above for just £16.99 (down from £48!). I’ve been wearing this all week and I love the fit – I’ve also had loads of compliments on it!

What do you think of this coat? Love it or hate it?

Beth X


  1. I too can’t get enough of stripes. It’s a little bit embarrassing how many tops I have with stripes. I have to stop myself from clicking buy on them now. You’re rocking the grey coat, I love it.
    Bee |


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