Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Discount Haul


This weekend a work colleague and I were supposed to be exploring Edinburgh. However with reports of 90 mph winds in Scotland and cancelled trains we decided to play it safe and spend some of our well earned wages at Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Village, after all it was bonus month! I live a 5 minute drive from Cheshire Oaks so find it quite difficult to restrain myself around payday…

I’m a little obsessed with stripes at the minute and before I met with my friend Lily I bought a two tops – is there a striped clothing rehab?

The first store we both bought something from was Yankee Candle, a store we love. They had loads of the Christmas candles that were half price and I probably could have walked out with about 50 candles! I restrained myself and decided on one of the World Journey candles as I could use it now, rather tun save it for the festive period. The scent is so lovely and appears to be more subtle than the normal candles, it was only £8.49 as well which I thought was really good. Looking forward to burning this!

I also picked up a car air freshener in the scent Lavender Vanilla as I had this is my car a while back and loved it. This was £2.49 and they are so worth it as the scent is really strong and they last for ages!

The Cosmetic Company Store is my favourite store at Cheshire Oaks as they stock discounted MAC, Estee Lauder etc. I decided to pick up Estee Lauder Double Wear as I’ve wanted to try it for ages, but was waiting to go to a counter in Debenhams to get matched. I decided to try and match myself.. so we’ll see! It was £21 and I think it’s usually £30 so it was a decent saving.

I also picked up the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser, which I reviewed here. It’s one of my favourite products so I always try and pick it up from here. Especially as it was £18 instead of £24.

The big purchase of the day was in the form of this gorgeous Coach bag. I’ve been looking at Coach for a few months after purchasing my Aspinal of London bag, as they stock a few similar styles. Lily and I went in their on a whim as it’s a relatively new store on Cheshire Oaks. It’s fair to say there was no way we’d be walking out of there empty handed. This was marked down from £360 to £139 and whilst deliberating whether to go for it, the shop assistant let us know that there was an extra 10% off everything. So of course Lily and I decided to treat ourselves.

I fell in love with this bag as I’ve been after a bucket bag for a while. I was considering this Ted Baker one from MyBag but I’m so much happier with this one from Coach as the quality is AMAZING. I didn’t think it was possible to love a bag this much!

Have you treated yourself this payday?

Beth X


  1. I freaking love Chershire Oaks, it’s been forever and a day since I last went too. I know if I go I won’t be able to help myself, I always come back with all sorts! The Coach bag was a great purchase, their bags are amazing and superb quality.

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland


  2. I really want to go to Cheshire Oaks, It sounds amazing! I’ve been to Bicester Village a couple of times. I live no where near either of them but are definatly worth the trip. I love your new Coach bag! xo


  3. You definitely got the better deal with this coach bag. The ted baker one is nice but I’m in agreement with you the coach one you got is much nicer and you got it at such a great price too.

    I have only been to Cheshire oaks once that was a few years ago now for my birthday it’s really difficult to get too if you don’t drive . which is a shame as I really loved it there the first time I went it’s every girls dream :).



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