Mothers Day Gift Guide

Every other time of the year I have a million ideas of things I could buy for my mum, but when Mothers Day rolls around I find my mind goes blank and apart from flowers (which she does love) I find myself a bit stuck!



I’m a huge fan of Lush products and I love introducing my mum to bits and pieces I love. Pictured above is the Mothers Day/Valentines collection which isn’t the most grown up looking, but there are definitely some lovely products in the store.

Mio Skincare

I want to try everything from Mio as the reviews are insanely good. Liquid Yoga is amazing for any mums who love a good bath, it’s super relaxing and is supposed to help with achey muscles.


You can’t go wrong with Jurlique in my opinion, the products are as amazing as they look. I love the Rosewater Balancing Mist as its a lovely skin pick-me-up. The range is huge and they have some gorgeous scents.


A new find for me is new high end skincare brand, Lancer. Whilst Lancer can be quite pricy and a bit of an investment, their  Irresistible Lancer Lips set is surprisingly affordable at £38. Inside you’ll find a tube of The Method Polish and the Lancer Volume Enhancing Lip Serum. This is the perfect set for your mum… or if you fancy treating yourself! 

My mum is obsessed with candles and burns them constantly. So I know it’s always a safe gift!  I think this paired with a gorgeous frame like the one I got for my Birthday from my nan is a winner.

What do you usually buy for your Mum?

Beth X

Thanks for reading! :)

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