Paid Social Ads to Promote your Blog – Is it Worth it?

I’ve always been interested in Social Media. How certain tweets at certain times get better visibility, a higher click-through rate, engagement etc. I also find Paid Social really fascinating (I am sad) and something I’d love to learn a bit more about.

For now, I’ve been dabbling in a bit of Facebook paid adverts, in the form of ‘boosting posts’ and thought I’d share my experiences.

I’ve had my blogs Facebook page for about 2 years and it’s something I don’t put a lot of work into. The algorithms on Facebook mean it can be quite difficult to get any visibility and I’ve struggled with reaching anyone on Facebook.

I’ve boosted a few different posts in the past and seen a varied response, depending on the day you decide to do it, the type of post, the budget you set and how long you decide to stretch the budget for (over 2 days or 4 for example).

For the sake of this post I decided to boost a ‘normal’ every day post on my blog, look at the results and then boost a post I thought would do a little better, one I don’t usually write.

My first boost was a post called ‘Why You Don’t Need a Niche in Blogging‘. I set my budget at £10 for over 2 days. It’s really easy to use this feature on Facebook which can be dangerous as it doesn’t feel like real money you are hanging over to Facebook (until you see it leave your bank account). For this, I used the ‘interests’ feature and entered things like ‘blogging’ ‘fashion blogging’ and looked at gender, age etc.

The results? I spent my £10 pretty quickly with little return. Whilst the post got a decent amount of likes, hardly anyone clicked through which is of course the main aim.

The reason for this is that I believe the post itself is too niche (ironic) as its a post for bloggers. It doesn’t have a ‘commercial’ appeal which is something I think is quite important (even though Facebook allows you to target niche ‘markets’). Although you could argue these were ‘high quality’ engagements.

This leads me on to my second test, which was one suited to a much wider market. ‘20 Things That Happen When You Move In Together‘ is a post I don’t usually write but I enjoyed putting it together, and lists are really ‘in’ right now. I’m one of those people who click through on posts like this and it seems a lot more people are the same. I set this again with a budget of £10 to run over two days. This one however was started on Saturday and this is definitely a factor in the success of the boost IMO.

The results of this? Whilst it didn’t get as many likes, it did get more click throughs over the two days and it was cheaper per engagement than test one. Perhaps the cost of this ‘wider’ audience isn’t as much as targeting a much more niche market, but either way it worked for me.

Ultimately, if you are looking at paying to boost posts on Facebook don’t expect floods of traffic and engagement. It’s all about trial and error depending on loads of variables. For me, a post that I know will have a wide appeal and something I’d click through on would work. I wouldn’t boost an outfit post for example as if I saw one on my feed I’d probably ignore it.

I’m by no means an expert in Social Media, boosting posts etc. but as someone who is interested in it, I’ve enjoyed this experiment. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll do again as it’s essentially inflating your traffic over a few days, but it’s still really interesting.

Have you ever tried any social ads?

Beth X


  1. A few years ago, a company I worked for tried the paid ads on Facebook as an experiment. We had a small budget allocated to it and experienced very little return. I’ve only just started a Facebook page for my blog as I remember how little interaction the company I used to work for received though theirs. I do like having a Facebook page but I don’t think it’s the best platform to promote a blog in even when you are paying to boost your posts.


  2. Really interesting post! I’ve done paid social ads for work, but hadn’t actually considered for them my blog – and probably never would have thought of Facebook as I don’t tend to use it much for blog promotion. However your second lot of results make me think it could definitely be worth it. Did you choose to boost it just those who already like your page, or them and their friends too?

    Claire | xx


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