Urbano32, Chester


Urbano32 Chester

Urbano32 Chester



On Saturday the boyfriend and I took ourselves off to Chester for some lunch. Originally we wanted pancakes but when we found out our usual place of choice had a 20 minute wait we decided on Urbano32. So pizza is definitely a lot different to pancakes, but we’ve wanted to try there for a while so decided to take the opportunity.

Urbano32 is smack bang in the centre of Chester on Bridge Street so you couldn’t get a better location if you are looking for a meal in between shopping.

We got there at around 12pm which was the perfect time as tables started to fill up. We were given a table right by the window, so I was in my element people watching whilst deciding what I wanted to eat.

I went for a pink lemonade and a margarita pizza with a side of garlic and rosemary potatoes. Whilst Nick opted for a more interesting pizza (I am the boring one) and the pan fried green beans.

The atmosphere was lovely, as were the staff and we didn’t wait too long for our food. It also didn’t come too quickly, which reinforced the fact that their handmade clay pizza oven is put to good use!

When it arrived we realised we had probably over faced ourselves as both the size of the pizzas and sides were huge! It was gorgeous though, definitely one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time. I did leave a couple of slices of pizza and a few potatoes but I was absolutely stuffed and left feeling slightly gutted we had no room left to sample the dessert menu.

I’ll definitely go back to Urbano32, especially on a Tuesday as their pizzas are 2 for 1! I’ll need to try a dessert anyway…

Have you been here?

Beth X

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  1. The last time I was here one of their specials was a gluten free pasta, did you notice if they offered anything gluten free this time also?

    You’ll have to try Burger Shed 41 next time! Right across the street and literally only does burger and fries but their crinkle cut cheesy fries are amazing!

    Lyndsey | articletwentythree.com


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