Gap #DenimAddicts

A couple of weeks a go I was invited to an event at the GAP store in Liverpool. Sadly, I couldn’t make it but I was invited back to store when it was convenient to experience GAP’s Denim Addicts service.


The Denim Addicts service is a dream come true for anyone who hates jeans shopping, like myself. It’s just one of those shops you dread as you know you’ll never be able to find a pair as comfy as the ones you’ve worn to death.

The staff in GAP are super knowledge about both seasonal styles and core lines so can help you pick out a pair perfect for you. I found the experience to be so useful and I left with a pair that fits like a glove!


Once you’ve picked your jeans you can walk away happy (if they fit) OR take advantage of the free services GAP offer. Are they a tiny bit too long? They’ll sort the hemming out for you whilst you wait! I had my jeans hemmed to make them slightly cropped. I also took a shine to a hem finish on a different pair of jeans, but I didn’t have to go without as GAP also offer a distressing service, which is also free of charge. Want rips in your jeans that look authentic and not like you’ve taken the scissors to them? This is achieved by the Denim Addicts!


You can watch the staff hem and distress your jeans which I found really interesting. I admit I also spent a while browsing the store whilst I waited too! There are so many different styles of jeans in GAP I’m definitely going to use the service again. The quality feels amazing and once I had tried them on in store I didn’t want to put my New Look ones back on!

I also fell for a beautiful denim dress which would be perfect for V Festival in August. I was surprised at how much gorgeous stuff GAP had in store, it’s definitely put them back on my radar, and I’d recommend you have a look for yourself.

I couldn’t be happier with my jeans (they’ll be in an outfit post soon!) and the service in the Liverpool One store was amazing! The Denim Addicts service is available in loads of stores nationwide and with a jeans loyalty card, is there a reason to shop anywhere else?

Would you use this service?

Beth X

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