DIY Terrarium



I will hold my hands up and say that I don’t usually dabble in any DIY projects and my weekends are usually spent buying myself things, eating food and watching Netflix. My obsession with Pinterest has me dreaming of amazing interiors, monochrome wardrobes and more recently, cool looking plans. I know, I live on the edge.

I picked up some supplies on a recent trip to IKEA which would allow me to try and make something Pinterest-worthy. I know nothing about plants or terrariums and I’ll be honest, I still don’t believe it’s even a word, but let’s roll with it. 

I don’t think I’d go as far as saying that my terrariums are Pinterest-worthy but they look OK on nstagram at least. If you are interested in making one of these, you can either carry on reading to find out how I attempted it or google it and find a proper tutorial…


You will need:

A glass jar of some description – I bought the above from IKEA as they were £2.50 each.

Sand – I read you needed sand and I bought this grey stuff that looks like sand…

Stones – IKEA saved the day again as I went for these whiteish/grey stones

Plants – I think you can use cactus or succulents.. I’m not a plant expert but I went with the pack of three from IKEA, I think they were around £4.50

Soil – I spent 10 minutes on the phone to my mum whilst in B&M looking for soil. Who knew there were so many different types? My mum recommended potting plant soil (no idea) or a multi use one (I’m pretty sure she’s as clueless as I am though).

Optional – A children’s lady bird shovel



  1. Tip some of your sand into the bottom of the jar and level off (I wasn’t very good at this bit).
  2. Pop your plant(s) inside and add soil around them. I think I probably added too much but you live and learn. *TIP* If you have a jar like the above you might struggle to put the soil in without covering your cactus… so try using a spoon to throw it in around the sides.
  3. When they are secure in the soil (or as secure as you can get them) add some stones in.

Aaaand, thats it.

  1. IMG_4395IMG_4401

Pretty easy really and they don’t look THAT bad – win.

I’ve read that these don’t really need looking after but you can give them a spritz of water if they start looking a bit sorry for themselves.

If you make these please tweet me (@BlogBeth) as I’d like to see how much of a failure I am compared to everyone else.

Beth X


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