The Grafea Pink Lemonade


Screw wearing pink on Wednesdays, it’s all about pink for an evening with Lookfantastic aboard the Good Ship Benefit.

The statement piece in the look is by far my Grafea Pink Lemonade Medium Rucksack which was a little treat: to me, from me. I managed to cram in everything I needed for a night away from home and it was the perfect bag to battle the tube with. Initially I bought it for my trip to Florida for Disney at the end of September but the event with Benefit seemed like the perfect occasion to debut it.

Keeping the rest of my outfit low-key I opted for a Tiered Off The Shoulder Top from ASOS and New Look Skinny Jeans. I ordered both from ASOS and they fit like a dream… there is no better feeling than ordering online and not having to send anything back! I love the top and have received loads of compliments on it, the tiered style is really flattering, although it does tend to get creased pretty easily!

On my feet I went with a pair of Primark sandals which I knew would be comfortable. I love these but I’ve worn them that often already that they should probably go in the bin… oops.

Thanks for reading! :)

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