Hello Autumn


Its bad when a productive Saturday is lying in bed until 1pm before leaving the house to join the gym and eat a KFC. But this is the outfit I pieced together and as it includes a few new pieces I thought I’d share it.

Hat – Zara | Jumper – New Look | Gilet – New Look | Jeans – Primark | Boots – Topshop | Bag – Kate Spade

Since getting back from my two week holiday in Florida, I’ve been soothing the holiday blues by treating myself. I hadn’t thought too much about my AW wardrobe before I went away as I was holding onto Summer but I have successfully started filling up my wardrobe.

My Autumn essentials consist of anything to keep me warm and this year it includes all aspects of this outfit, particularly the boots. The high street have seriously upped their game and I fell in love with these Topshop gems when I saw them online. I have my eye on so many other pairs I sort of wish we had more feet…




    1. It’s fab isn’t it, it’s only £25 so well worth the investment, it’s SOOOO soft too!

      I’m not sure on the bag, I bought it from a Kate Spade outlet store in Florida a couple of weeks back! It was a bargain 🙂


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