The £9.99 Jumper You Need This Winter


As soon as the cold weather starts to kick in the jumpers come out. This year I found myself in New Look looking to add to my seemingly small existing jumper collection (I had a wardrobe clear-out), and stumbled across an absolute gem.

Polo neck, check. Great fit, check. Thick enough to keep you warm but thin enough to layer, check. A variety of colours to choose from, check. Taking a look at the price tag to find it’s £9.99, TAKE. MY. MONEY.

I love New Look anyway but when I found this jumper pictured in this glorious deep green shade I knew it would become my wardrobe staple. So much so that I picked it up in burnt orange and at a later date snagged a grey one too. I may have another tab open right now hovering over the checkout button for it in brown and pink…

These jumpers can be styled with a skirt (thin enough to tuck in without looking like you’ve stuffed a packet of Wotsits down there), underneath a pinafore dress and with the good old classic, jeans.

I usually go with jeans because it’s just such an easy outfit to throw together and depending on how I feel I’ll opt for Converse as I have here (it was a Saturday after all) or a heeled boot… which I seem to own about 6 pairs of now.

Paired with a coat (this one is from Forever21 last year) and your favourite scarf (Barbour via Coggles which is actually my boyfriends) you have yourself a staple cosy but ‘I sort of made an effort’ look for winter. Oh, and the jumpers wash really well too, you know we sometimes pretend we are grown ups and care about these kinds of things.


  1. Love this outfit and I love shopping for jumpers at New Look and H&M. Plain jumpers are so nice and they’re super easy to style, especially when it comes to layering up. 🙂

    Olivia x | Liviatiana


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