What I got for Christmas


I love seeing what other people receive for Christmas. Mainly this is because I’m really nosy but it also gives me some inspiration for my Birthday in February. This year I’ve had the best Christmas and feel really lucky as I’ve received some lovely gifts.

My boyfriend was an absolute gem and bought all of my favourite things. Chocolate, Disney, Lush, Yankee candles as well as a coffee machine and wireless Beats headphones. I’d wanted a HP Sprocket since I saw Zoella chat about it in one of her videos so was over the moon to open one on Christmas Day.

I’d asked my parents for a couple of books and some make-up which they kindly bought for me. They also picked me up an ASOS voucher which I’ve already spent on the trainers in the photos. My favourite present was from my mum who got me a tacky but amazing Belle inspired glittery wine glass from a lovely lady who she found on Facebook. It’s something most people will hate but as I love Disney this was right up my street and such a surprise when I opened it.

I was lucky enough to receive money which I’ve just spent in River Island and Next on dresses for Vegas next month as well as some other really lovely gifts from my relatives and friends.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas X


Thanks for reading! :)

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