13 Times 2016 was Amazing

I’ve seen a lot of posts going round similar to this and thought it would be a nice way to finish 2016 on my blog. I know a lot of people will say their blog has taken a back seat in 1016 and 2017 will be the year they focus on it. My blog takes a back seat and I’m happy for it to. I don’t have any pressure to publish something and that is how I want it to remain. If people don’t read it, I don’t mind – I just like having somewhere to write and share my thoughts and this space will continue to be just that.

2016 was an amazing year for me… here are some reasons why:

  1. I went to DISNEY WORLD. Anyone who knows me will know that I love Disney, and early on in 2016 my boyfriend agreed to go with me. I didn’t give him chance to rethink his decision as soon after we were sat with a travel agent getting in all booked. It was easily the best two weeks of the year and stepping onto Main Street at Magic Kingdom was something I will never forget.
  2. I saw Hairspray the Musical on New Years Day in Birmingham and I’ve never felt so jolly. It was my first musical and an experience I’ll never forget. I’m hoping 2017 will bring a few more as it was a lovely way to start the year.
  3. On Christmas Day I opened a pack of 30 Sharpies and I’ve never felt as planned for the year ahead as I do right now. Thank you 2016.
  4. On a trip to London for work I spent an hour on Oxford Street before I went home and bought my first set of Muji acrylic drawers. I mean, I then had to drag them back on the train but my make-up set up has never looked as Instagram-able as it does now.
  5. I went to Paris to see my favourite band in the tiniest venue. Ironically us Brits out numbered the French in there so it was a small, intimate gig with loads of Mancs and it was perfect. Not only did I experience that, but I spent the weekend being a tourist with my boyfriend, in a city we both fell in love with.
  6. I worked a 26 hour shift over Black Friday with no sleep and was part of our biggest ever day as a group. I was shattered by the end but it was amazing to be apart of it whilst smashing all our targets.
  7. We watched all of the Harry Potter films in preparation for our trip to Florida. Not only did I love the films but visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal was simply amazing! It’s the one thing I’ve recommended to everyone.
  8. I was featured in the Liverpool Echo as one of Liverpool’s best bloggers/vloggers. I never expected anything like that so it was lovely to be noticed.
  9. I took a day off work with one of my best friends for a spa day I got at half price because of this blog. I’d never been on a spa day before and it was exactly what we both needed.
  10. I’ve been to some amazing blog and press events this year with work, which has enabled me to meet some of the people I’ve been speaking to on Twitter. I think my favourite was the event lookfantastic put on to celebrate the launch of Illamasqua on their site.
  11. I have seen my nephew grow into the cutest little 2 and a half year old and I couldn’t be happier. No matter how complicated families can be there is always some form of solution and being able to see him so often has made my 2016.
  12. Following some bad news at the beginning of the year, we were in a position to book my boyfriends dream holiday to Australia. It’s a holiday of a lifetime and is basically my boyfriends Disney (I’d happily go to Disney again..) but it felt amazing to get such a big trip booked in.
  13. I bought my mum tickets to see Boyzlife for Mothers Day and whilst it was awful as we left after 10 minutes, I had the best day with her. We don’t spend much time together as life seems to get in the way, but we went shopping and I treated her to some clothes and she had her first Wagamamas experience and it was just fab.

2016 was a year of loss but also a year of amazing memories and I can’t wait for 2017 as the plans already look insane…

  1. Dublin – On Friday I’m off to Dublin for the weekend. It’s a friends Hen Do and I’m looking forward to lots of cocktails whilst catching up with some babes.
  2. Las Vegas – January has been very kind me to (as have work for signing this off) but myself and 3 colleagues are going to an Affiliate conference in Vegas for 5 days. I’m  excited to not only network with some of our biggest affiliates (yes I’m sad) but also experience the craziness that is Vegas with my work pals.
  3. Australia – April is the month we jet off to Australia and I leave my out of office on for THREE WHOLE WEEKS! I’m looking into booking a sky dive as we speak…
  4. Little Mix – Yes, we saw Little Mix at V festival in 2016 (another highlight) and enjoyed it that much we had to buy tickets to one of their shows.
  5. ADELE – My god. I am so bloody excited for this I can’t even describe. Adele at Wembley is going to be incredible.
  6. The Courteeners – No year is complete without a Courteeners gig (or 7) and I’m really excited to see them in a venue I’ve never been to. In May they are playing at Old Trafford Cricket ground and it’s going to be amazing.
  7. Disneyland Paris – My sister turns 18 in December and I promised ages a go to take her to Disneyland. I’ve never been before so you could say it’s partly a gift to me, but yano…

Heres to 2017!

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