New Hair with Regis Salon


When I returned from my three week jolly in Australia my balayage was looking a bit yellow, and to quote my sister “one side is more yellow than the other”. Thanks pal. It wasn’t a good look for me and I knew I needed to get it sorted. As I was thinking it, I received an email from Regis asking if I’d like to come in for a cut, colour and a treatment.

I’d never been to the Regis Salon in Chester but I went in a week after I’d popped in for a skin test ready to have my blonde freshened up. I met the lovely Sam who had beautiful red hair and this is where the crazy colour lover in me took over the ‘lets just sort my blonde out’ idea. We discussed purple as I had a DIY job in March and really liked it, but we somehow settled on an orange/red shade with the thought that it will fade into a nice coral/rose gold.


The L’Oreal treatment that Regis now offer in their salons is called Smartbond. It is designed to protect the bonds in your hair, preventing the usual damage caused by a colouring service. I was so excited for this as since November I’ve had my hair bleached on three separate occasions and it was looking and feeling really damaged and dry. It only adds an extra 10 minutes on your usual salon trip and my hair is a dream since having it. Plus, if you are getting your hair coloured it’s only an extra £5, something I will pay for next time I have my hair coloured there.


Sam gave my hair a trim as I wanted a healthy blunt cut and curled my hair too. I can’t even begin to put into words how happy I was to see the results and I’m even more excited to see how it fades out… then it’s on to the next colour. Basically, this post is to just shout about the fact I have found my hair salon! At the age of 24 I’ve finally found somewhere that I’m going to keep going back to.


*The treatments I received were complimentary, but all opinions are my own

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