Australia Travel Diary: Mission Beach


This is likely to be a much shorter post that the previous two Australia ones, but after leaving Cairns we headed for a night in Mission Beach.

Etty Bay

We’d heard from one of Nicks relatives that Etty Bay was worth stopping at as they do really good fish and chips. So we made the detour to Etty Bay as we aren’t one to pass up a decent serving of fish and chips.

Throughout the trip we’d heard loads about Cassowary’s but were yet to see one. As they can be pretty much anywhere in the rainforest and sometimes hang out around the side of the road at the edge of the rainforest, as passenger I was supposed to be keeping look out. Of course, Nick managed to spot a baby one on the passenger side whilst driving and I was completely oblivious. As we approached Etty Bay and got out of the car we saw the adult one! It was amazing to see them and we managed to snap loads of pictures as we got so close to it.

After all of the excitement of seeing two Cassowary’s we ordered our fish and chips. They were great as we expected. We had a quick walk along the beach, ice creams in hand, before we jumped back in the car to Mission Beach.

If you are driving through I’d recommend a stop off at Etty Bay, even if you don’t see a Cassowary the fish and chips were good and the beach itself is really nice. We also saw a stall at the side of the road selling Rambatan so picked some up as we really wanted to try it. I love how they have things like this abroad.

Mission Beach


We didn’t spend a lot of time in Mission Beach at all, it was basically a stop off point as we were on our way to Townsville for a stay on Magnetic Island. However, we stayed at Eco Village which was really nice.

We took the empty pool and decent afternoon weather as an opportunity for me to get get that Instagram shot in the Primark blow up flamingo we’d dragged there from the UK. I won’t share the ‘reality’ picture but it took a fair few attempt for me to get in it, let alone look graceful enough for an Instagram pic. After we’d dried off from the pool we took a walk along the beach which was really nice and drove to a local pub/bar for a quick bite to eat.

We also got our room upgraded when we got there, so we had a jacuzzi bath which I enjoyed very much. We wish we could have spent an extra night here so we’d have had a full day to explore but it was definitely a good place to stop off on our way to Townsville.

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