A Nosey Around Our New House

We moved house at the end of July after I spotted an new estate had been build not far from my office. There really isn’t anything better than being in your dream house that is only a 15 minute drive from work. For the past three weeks I’ve been moving all of our crap around until I was happy with it, and I wanted to share some of it with you.

Living Room

Our living room is the one room we aren’t 100% happy with yet, mainly because we need  another trip to IKEA and a few more paydays to roll around. My favourite piece so far is this bookcase, which was an ALDI special buy a few weeks before we moved. I decided to make this ‘my’ shelf so popped on a few of my more subtle Disney pieces as well as my Primark lightbox and fake plants from IKEA.


The kitchen is hands down my favourite room in the house. In our old house we had the tiniest kitchen with WHITE worktops. It was a nightmare to keep clean and I didn’t enjoy spending any time in there.

Our new kitchen is big enough that there is space for a table. After spending the last two years eating our meals on the sofa as there was barely any room for a table, I am so happy. This one is from IKEA and was around the £150 mark so pretty reasonable. The stools are also IKEA but since this post, we’ve upgraded our chairs to these little gems.


We have 3 bathrooms in this house, 3! My favourite is by far the main bathroom as its has space for my beauty bits and is super light and airy too. Not to mention it’s where I spend most of my relaxation time as the bath is bliss. I’ve had my eye on a bath rack for so long as I’ve seen them appear on so many home Instagram accounts. It was the first thing on my list for this house, I bought this one from Dunelm, and it’s perfect to sit a candle and a gin on…

Main Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a nosey into someone else’s bedroom? There is a lot more I can do in this room, but for now it just has the basic furniture in it. I have a floating shelf for the back wall ready to go up and some really lovely prints, but for now I’m just thankful for our new storage and this amazing bedding* from Julian Charles. Our pillows are from Primark, but my other set of Julian Charles bedding is this red set, so I think I might need to go cushion shopping again… Who knew the prospect of shopping for cushions would be so exciting?

Dressing Room

When we viewed this house, I immediately made the third bedroom my dressing room. The second bedroom was too big and I liked the idea of something small. This room looks exactly how I had it in my head and I couldn’t be happier. Above the rail will soon be a floating shelf with some framed prints from Desenio. I’m planning on dedicating a whole post to them but first I need to find someone I trust to put them up straight… anyone fancy volunteering?


*Gifted from a brand. All opinions are my own.


Thanks for reading! :)

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