The £8 Jo Malone Dupe

I love Jo Malone. The simple but sophisticated packaging, the beautiful stores, the fact they have a scent for everyone. I just love them.

However, it’s a pricy habit and I don’t have £88 to drop on a bottle of perfume just to get my sweet smelling fix. Even if I did, I’m more inclined to raid Zara for oversized shirts, or truth be told I’d probably go and buy cake from Tesco and eat it whilst bathing with half of Lush. Life goals.

We have ALDI to thank for the candle dupe, to stop us all actually considering spending £44 on a damn candle, but we need more than that.

In steps Primark. Good old Primark. Now, I’m a huge Primark fan anyway but when I saw a few posts on Instagram of their ‘Private Collection’ I was sold.

They’ve launched 6 scents, all of which in my opinion are clear dupes for Jo Malone. They are, Rose Oud, Pomegranate & Black Tea, Jasmine & Honey, Vanilla Absolute, Amber Noir and Mandarin & Basil.

I headed into the Oxford St store whilst in London and picked up the 100ml bottle of Mandarin & Basil. It was just £8 and it smells incredible. The packaging is very Jo Malone esque, as is the scent itself and I’ll 100% be using this as my day-to-day perfume of choice.

Primark also have 20ml bottles (perfect for your handbag) for £3, as well as a set with all scents in. The range also extends to hand cream, hand wash, room sprays and diffusers. So it’s definitely more than just a perfume dupe!



  1. I got the Primark spray and cream recently, the one I was in at the time though didn’t have the diffuser and I’d love to get my hands on that too 🙂


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