It’s OK that you haven’t bought a house


It’s hard to believe you are doing OK in life when you are surrounded by people who seem to have theirs so damn together.

The one thing that seems to define the whole ‘nailing life’ is buying a house. In all fairness I don’t personally see buying a house as important at all, but everyone else seems to and it drives me CRAZY.

I recently moved into the most beautiful new build not far from where I work. If I had bought it, I’d be nailing adulting and really on my way to being taken seriously, but no, we are renting. Renting which seems to be a derogatory term because with the money that ties us into buying a property, we’d rather use to go on holiday.

I don’t dislike anyone who has bought a house and I think eventually I’d like to do it, I just dislike people being judging me because I’m ‘throwing my money away’ paying rent each month.

Buying a house isn’t my definition of nailing life or adulting, my definition is turning up to work every day, enjoying what I do and going home to my boyfriend. Nailing the whole adulting thing is getting to the end of the week having stuck to the food plan of healthy meals, without sneaking off to Nando’s to eat my own bodyweight in rice one night after work.

It’s being happy doing whatever you want with your time and money. It’s understanding that if your views on buying a house vs renting one aren’t asked for, you shut the hell up. And it’s doing you and simply being happy for other people.

I’m off to *browse* the Disney section in Primark with my overdraft…

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  1. We haven’t bought a house yet! Mainly because it’s flipping expensive to buy a decent house in Finland, and second reason, we haven’t found a city where we would love to spend the rest of our life. So, renting is good for now!

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner


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