The Perfect Transitional Piece




Dress, Newlook. Bag, Coach.

I love autumn. I love packing away all of my shorts, summer dresses and sandals and getting out the big chunky knits and my trusty boot collection.

Each year I’m that person who wears a huge jumper to the office just as we’re saying bye to summer as I’m willing for autumn to rock up and throw the leaves off the trees. This leaves me looking cosy AF but also absolutely boiling and regretting the decision. In the past few weeks this has been me TWICE so I’ve been on the look out for some transitional pieces that will see me through the ‘its-cold-outside-but-hot-in-the-office’ period of the year.

I’ve gone off New Look in recent months, branding them as boring, safe and uninspiring. They had 20% off for student last weekend (yes I still have my student card 3 years after graduation, stop judging me) so I decided to pop in.

I found this gem for under £30 and think it’s perfect. The sheer material makes it cool enough for an office without air con blowing in your direction but the under dress ensures you aren’t freezing when you step outside (and flashing too I suppose).

The fit is really flattering for my shape and I really like the black detail. I’m looking forward to throwing on my super cosy tights from Primark with it as it’s gets cooler.

Thanks for reading! :)

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