You Do You, Hun

I’ve been living in London for nearly three weeks and it still hasn’t sunk in that I made the decision to up my life (and my boyfriends) and move to the South.

We live in a society so obsessed with education, with finding someone to settle down with, with jumping onto the property ladder or just as quickly moving up in your career. A society where you receive endless questions if you choose to be single, happy and just doing you. Or if you’ve been in a happy relationship for a while but not engaged, or haven’t yet had children or heaven forbid don’t want them, you prepare for the onslaught of judgement at every family gathering.

It can be hard in a society that is still based around rigid values or set paths we should all follow, if you just happen to not want to follow them.

This year is the year we should all be a little selfish. I use the phrase ‘just do you’ or more common ‘you do you, hun’ so much so that it’s become a bit of a running joke with people in my life.

But YOU DO YOU is a phrase I 100% will be standing by this year. It’s a phrase that has got me out of the boring 9-5 (or at the time 7:30-6!) to take leap into the unknown.

Will I like London? Will I like my new job? Do we really want to leave our lovely new 3 bedroom house for a studio flat that costs double? Will we be able to afford it? Will I spend all of my money in Selfridges with them be my client? (clearly, the Gucci purchase shows yes!)

But more importantly, Will I miss my family? Will my boyfriend hate me if we move and I hate it? Will my solid almost 8 year relationship fall to shit as we are challenged with the unknown?

I didn’t want to kick myself and not take the opportunity of a lifetime, because of all of the above niggles. We were on track to follow societies ‘lovely’ plans up North, but YOU DO YOU.

Do you. Do that thing you’ve wanted to do that seemed scary, the thing that your parents may disapprove of, or your friends may not like.

You do you, hun.

The Outfit

Coat – River Island

Jumper – Reserved

Bag – Gucci via Selfridges

Jeans – Newlook (similar here)

Trainers – Adidas via JD


Thanks for reading! :)

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