Putting My Phone Down

Ironically, I’m writing this post about putting my phone down… On my phone.

It’s only over the past few weeks, moving to London and having no internet at home that I’ve realised just how much it consumes my life. I have used an embarrassing amount of 4G and I’ve been in denial as to how.

This lump of metal (and glass?) is great. I communicate with my family via a WhatsApp chat, which is amazing now I live a 2 and a half hour train ride away. I can check my work emails, see what Hannah Gale bought from River Island and even order that last minute birthday card from ASOS. Thank the lord for ASOS Premier.

But I also spend too much of my day refreshing Instagram to see who has given me some validation in the form of a like. I’m constantly looking for a pretty place to eat just for the gram or with every scroll of Twitter, I loose another brain cell through taking in so much bullshit.

But, I continue to do it. Call it FOMO, society or little self-control. And I want to make it that from now, I make small changes to get off my phone and just do something else.

No phone after 9pm

Or something along those lines. I don’t go to bed without one last scroll of social media, and for what? To get that last tweet in about how I’m so tired… life changing.

Put it in my bag

So so simple, but I leave my phone on my desk all day and it’s the biggest distraction. Most of the time I’ve picked it up and opened Instagram before I even realise it’s in my hand.

Read a book

I bloody love reading, and when I’m in the mood I’ll easily read a book in a couple of nights. This to me feels a lot more productive than getting cramp in your thumb for no reason except to nosy at what other people are up to. I’ve spent the last few evenings reading a book I got for Christmas and I’m finding it so much easier to sleep.

Go to the gym

If I’m at the gym, I’m not on my phone, simple as. I’ve sorted my gym membership out down here now, so there are no excuses. I’m aiming to slot in two sessions a week to work on myself, rather than care about the Instagram likes.

I will of course still scope out some brunch spots to visit and post on Instagram, and I most definitely won’t be quitting social media or taking a complete break. I just want to have a healthier relationship with it, and make changes to how it fits into my life.

Sorry phone.

Outfit details:

Coat – M&S

Jumper – Primark

Boots – Primark

Thanks for reading! :)

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