The Best Photo Spots at Disney World

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I spent two weeks in Disney World earlier in the month. It really is such a magical place and somewhere I love to document on Instagram too.

I thought I’d share what I think are the best spots to snap a quick photo, as I love finding new places!

The Castle – Magic Kingdom

Did you really visit Magic Kingdom if you didn’t pose for a few snaps in front of the castle? This one has to be at the top of your list, whether it’s a quick snap on your phone or one with a photo pass photographer.

I got so many pictures in front of the castle across the two weeks, I could share about 40593! My recommendations for this are to get in when the park opens so there are less people around. The above were on our first day where we went for opening, so they aren’t too busy, and I love them! I have a couple where we went in before park opening as we had a breakfast reservation and they are great too.

The Purple Wall – Magic Kingdom

The famous purple wall. When we went in 2016 we got some snaps in front of this wall, the Polaroid we took is still one of my favourite pictures. We obviously had to go back this trip, I mean the wall is that popular it has its own Instagram account?!

The much loved wall is on the right as you enter Tomorrowland… it’s the outside of the building Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is in. You’re welcome.

The Bubblegum Wall – Epcot

Another ‘famous’ wall amongst the Disney community it’s the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot. You’ll find this Located at the exit of Spaceship Earth, or if you don’t ride it, it’s on both sides of ball as you walk past it from entering the park.

I took full advantage of it this time we visited, much to my boyfriends annoyance – but who doesn’t love a pretty wall?

Pandora – Animal Kingdom

Once you’ve got yourself a photo in front of the Tree of Life, you need to go and explore Pandora. The theming is absolutely incredible, but it’s also home to some nice back drops. Win win in my book!

Location-wise, if you wander around Pandora you’ll come across loads of areas like the above, I believe the second one is close to Pongu Pongu, where they serve the most incredible drinks.

Harambe Market – Animal Kingdom

I don’t know if this wall has a specific name in the Disney community, but I got a picture there when we visited in 2016 so thought it would be nice to do it again.

Before you judge me, yes I do plan my outfit specifically for Animal Kingdom. Where else does a zebra print jumper or leaf printed dress fit in so perfectly?!

You’ll find this wall at Harambe Market, I just love the little Mickey on it.

Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom

Considering AK is my least favourite park (sorry, I know a lot of people LOVE it, but it just wasn’t my jam this time), there are a lot of great photo opps!

We love Everest and pretty much visited just to ride it (after riding Flight of Passage, obv!), so it would be rude not to get a photo in front of it. I love this photo one photo pass photographer got of us!

Tower of Terror – Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios was my least favourite park on my first visit in 2016, but despite not a lot going on there currently (were all waiting for Toy Story!) I bloody loved it! It’s home to a few of my favourite things, one being Tower of Terror. We rode this more than anything else on this trip and the ride photos are just hilarious.

Whilst at Disneyland Paris with my sister in December, I took a really cute picture of her before we jumped on the ride so I really wanted to replicate it here. Luckily there was a really lovely photo pass photographer who took this one, I think it shows how happy I was to ride it?!

The Muppets – Hollywood Studios

We didn’t bother with The Muppets show on this trip, but my boyfriend spotted this cute back drop on the side of the building, and well, it would have been rude not to!

I love how all of the parks have a completely different vibe and that this still has some colour with the door and floor. Maybe not a ‘must snap’ for everyone, but I loved the photos we took, and it reminds me of a great afternoon at Hollywood Studios!

PizzeRizzo – Hollywood Studios

I really wanted to eat here on this trip, but the day we had planned to neither of us were hungry! So I settled for a photo at the wall alongside it. Again, I don’t think this is a ‘must snap’ for everyone but I just love the theming!

Resorts: Polynesian Resort, Beach Club & Port Orleans – Riverside

I love that all hotels have different theming so if you find yourself at one, keep your eyes open!

We ate at Ohana on Valentines Day (review coming soon), and whilst exploring the resort before our reservation I came across this wall. The Polynesian is 100% somewhere I would love to stay in the future… fingers crossed eh?

Believe it or not, it was my birthday in these two pictures… cheer up Beth? We went to Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club Resort and oh my god, that place is goals! I’d love to stay at a resort in the Boardwalk area – it’s pastel heaven!

We stayed at Port Orleans – Riverside which is such a nice resort. I couldn’t resist ending my holiday with a snap outside of our room in my new spirit jersey!

I’m sure there are so many more places to snap away at Disney World but these are some of the places I posed in front of this trip! I’d love to know your favourite spots, as I am sure we will be visiting again in a couple of years!


Thanks for reading! :)

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