Breakfast at ‘Ohana, with Lilo & Stitch

When we visited Walt Disney World in 2016 we did a fair few character dining’s but this was the only one we decided to repeat this time.

There were a few of reasons for this, 1. If you get a good table you get a really nice view of the castle 2. You get to meet Stitch who is one of my favourite characters and 3. The food is good!

When you are checked in and seated you are given a huge piece of Hawaiian ‘Welcome bread’ which is coconut and pineapple in flavour. Nick loved this and ate 90% of it! We were also served some fresh fruit which was lovely as I’d been craving pineapple for about a week!

The POG juice is passion fruit, orange and guava and is topped up by your server throughout. I do wish we were given a big jug so we didn’t have to wait, though! All other soft drinks and coffee are included in the price, which is around the $32 mark.

The experience is described as ‘family style’ and all of their offerings are brought out as above. You can then flag down your server and ask for more or anything, this was a dream and I loved the potato’s and definitely ate my own bodyweight in them! I also really enjoyed the Stitch waffle which I drowned in syrup!

Overall, the food was good but not as good as the first time we visited. We don’t know if it was just that in our heads we’d bigged it up, or whether it just wasn’t as good this time.

There are a lot of mixed reviews online about this dining experience, so I do think it depends on your server and simply who is cooking, as it can be a little hit or miss.

Having said that, the main thing about this is the character interaction and it doesn’t disappoint. Every 45 minutes there is a parade around the restaurant for the children, maracas included! And each character comes to your table. There wasn’t any photo pass photographers with the characters, so I was thankful we had a good seat near the windows, so the photos weren’t too dark!

One big difference this time is that Pluto is outside the restaurant for people to meet afterwards. I actually really liked this idea and I’m sure they do it to get people out so they aren’t delaying any other reservations! Genius!

Overall, I really enjoyed my breakfast at ‘Ohana and would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it. I think we’re probably over it for now, but if I ever stay at the Polynesian I’m sure I’ll be back!


  1. Waah this looks like so much fun! Stitch is definitely my favourite character – He kinda reminds me of my dog Bruce! They have a super cute jumper in Primark with Stitch on (don’t know if it will still be available or not as I bought it a few weeks ago) and I love it. Seeing all your Florida photos on Instagram made me so jealous, I went in 2013 for the first time and would love to go back.

    Jess xx


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