Best Quick Service Meals at Disney World

I visited Disney World for the second time in February to celebrate my Birthday. We took advantage of the free quick service dining plan when booking, which meant that we were entitled to two quick service meals and two snacks a day.

I spent hours watching YouTube and scrolling through blogs to look at the best options for getting the most out of the dining plan. We ate so much food over the two weeks so I thought I’d share what we thought were the best meals on the quick service dining plan.

Blaze Pizza – Disney Springs

This is a more recent addition to Disney Springs and my God, I’m so glad its there. I think one of the things Disney Springs lacks is quick service options for people on the dining plan. Yes, Wolfgang Puck Express and D-Luxe Burger are options but Blaze delivers the goods in the pizza department.

It’s one quick service credit for a pizza and a drink and it’s a bloody good use of a credit. You can create your own pizza, which is the option we both went for on the two times we visited during our trip. It’s one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten and I can’t recommend it enough.

My only negative about Blaze is how busy is gets, but I genuinely think its down to 1) how good it is and 2) the lack of other options at Disney Springs.

Yak & Yeti Quick Service – Animal Kingdom

Yak & Yeti is a must-eat for a lot of people I follow online so I had to get a visit in at their quick service offering on our last visit to Animal Kingdom.

As we had a lot of credits left on the last visit to Animal Kingdom of the trip, we ordered pretty much everything on the menu, so the above is a combination of meals and snacks but 100% worth it.

We had the honey chicken, pork egg rolls, chips and the chicken fried rice and all were amazing!

Be Our Guest Breakfast & Lunch – Magic Kingdom

What I love about Be Our Guest is the theming, the fact you need an advanced dining reservation (which makes the control freak in me so happy) and that the food is pretty expensive so a good use of a credit.

I plan my holiday so far in advance, I managed to get 3 reservations on this trip. We ended up cancelling one as we changed our plans whilst there but we used two new credits here, one on a breakfast and one on lunch.

Our breakfast and lunch experiences were both good. The food is pretty average for Disney in my opinion but I also think it’s a must-do for any BATB fan.

The theming is great, you can even sit in the west wing which is a cool experience, all without having to pay extra on the dining plan.

D-Luxe Burger – Disney Springs

So I kind of slagged this place off above, but I can explain!

D-Luxe is the only place (correct me if I’m wrong!) at Disney Springs where you can do mobile ordering. Just picture hangry Beth after a 9 hour flight, who sees THE BIGGEST QUEUE and just wants a burger.

Not only is this place quite pricey without the dining plan (so if you are on the plan, it’s a good use of the credit!), you can skip the line, check in at the mobile ordering counter and go find a table. Then your food is brought out to you and I’m pretty sure we were finished even before we’d have had chance to order in the normal line!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale In & Cafe – Magic Kingdom


This is one place I had read mixed reviews about before arriving at Disney, but as we both love nachos so knew we needed to try it out. I’m super fussy with toppings… I’m not a huge lover of cheese unless it’s melted, I don’t like guacamole etc. so the fact they have a toppings bar is so well suited. There is also quite a lot of seating here, both indoor and outdoor so we easily found a seat. We did visit as a late lunch/early dinner in between fast passes, so I’d recommend avoiding the lunchtime rush for a nice experience!

Katsura Grill – Japan Pavillion at Epcot


Excuse the worst photo ever, I was clearly too excited/hungry to stop and take a decent picture before tucking in! This one has mixed reviews between us both, as I absolutely loved this and polished off the lot, where as Nick said his was ‘average’. I’d definitely eat here again and this just looking at this is making me crave a Wagamamas Katsu Curry!

There are loads of really good places to grab a quick service meal, but these were our favourites, and where I think it’s worth spending those credits! We found our resort a lot better than expected, the pizza is really good and they have loads of snack options to make up a meal (don’t forget, 3 snacks = one quick service!). I’d love to hear where you love to eat at Disney, as I’m definitely planning to go back!

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