Celebrating your Birthday at Disney World

Last month I celebrated my 25th Birthday at Disney World and milked it for everything it was worth. Is there anything better than having hundreds of people wish you a Happy Birthday over two weeks? No, I can tell you, there is nothing better. I celebrated my day at Magic Kingdom in the morning and then headed over to Beaches and Cream to take on the kitchen sink!

Here are some things I would definitely recommend for your big day!

Get a Birthday badge

When you check in, tell the cast member it’s your birthday and ask for a badge. They’ll pop your name on it your good to go. I wore this every day on my trip and I had so many lovely cast member interactions from it. You may also be lucky enough to receive some snacks ‘on Mickey’ or be given a cupcake when you order you lunch. Disney are really good at the little details and I was lucky enough to receive popcorn, ice-cream and other snacks ‘on Mickey’ which is such a lovely touch.

Also, if you go to the coke store in Epcot, their rule is that you get a free frozen drink for your birthday. You are welcome!

Book Breakfast at Be Our Guest

If Magic Kingdom is your park of choice, a really early reservation for Be Our Guest, is likely to mean get to enter the park before it opens. Not only do you get to enjoy BOG for breakfast (it’s a quick service meal credit, so great value!) you can get that all important picture infant of the castle whilst the park is empty. If you are quick, you can enjoy your breakfast and even run to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before a queue starts!

Book Cinderellas Royal Table

This is a once in a lifetime thing for me, as typically we don’t do any signature dining when were in Florida. Having said that, it’s your birthday and it should be the best day ever, right? Snag yourself a reservation for Cinderellas Royal Table and just enjoy it. I’d read mixed reviews about it, but our experience was nothing but positive. The food was incredible, service was amazing and they even brought me out a Birthday cupcake whilst singing to me. Like the princess I am!

Take all of the photos

I drive my boyfriend mad asking him to take photos or smile for the photo pass photographer, but when it’s your birthday he can’t really say no! I took full advantage of this and have so many amazing photos. Spending your birthday in Disney is so special, you want to be able to remember it!

Meet Characters

We didn’t meet many characters on this trip but on my birthday we met Stitch, Buzz and talking Mickey! We also did Enchanted Tales with Belle so I met Belle too! Having the badge on meant the interactions were fun as the characters noticed and we got some really lovely photos.

Book a Dessert Party

One of my Birthday presents was the Ferrytale Fireworks dessert cruise. I absolutely love Happily Ever After as it incorporates so many of my favourite Disney songs. Whilst I think the for first time ever seeing it you need to be on Main Street to appreciate the amazing projections onto the castle, being on the boat watching the fireworks was simply amazing. I had a few beers, filled myself with so many lovely cakes and ice-cream and watched the fireworks whilst the music was pumped into the boat. It’s such a special way to spend your birthday, or like me, we did this on our last night as my birthday was practically two weeks long!

If you are reading this and planning on spending your birthday at Disney – I am jealous! I’d do anything to re-live my trip!

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