Wardrobe Update for Spring


Nothing has made me want Spring to roll around more than spending two weeks in Florida and coming back to bloody snow. I’ve been dreaming of the days I can comfortably leave the house without my quilt coat on the walk to work.

To prepare for Spring I’ve sorted through my wardrobe to make way for some gems that will see me through the season. Spending all of my wages on new clothes has swiftly followed and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my staple pieces on Instagram and here over the next few months.

Firstly, lets talk about these trousers. I love River Island so after I got back from Florida and was feeling very uninspired with my wardrobe, I dragged the boyfriend into store. One of things I love about living in London is that it’s home to one of my favourite RI stores on Oxford Street.

One of my staples for Spring are coloured trousers as I’m bored of wearing denim every day of the week. I didn’t ever think I’d be in for the paperbag style culottes, mainly due to the fact they aren’t hella flattering for my figure, but these are a dream. Super flattering as they skin my stomach, they can be styled with a printed tee (like this New Look number) and trainers or styled up for a night out.

Here is what I’m wanting to fill my wardrobe is for Spring:

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 21.06.26

Green Striped Skirt | Green Slogan Jumper | Red Fringed Jacket | Black Patterned Midi Dress | Floral Tie Front Top |  Stripe Paperbag Culottes | Blue Patterned Dress | Green Culottes | Green Blazer |Black Converse



Thanks for reading! :)

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