My Favourite Snacks at Disney World

If you saw this post, you’ll know that for our recent trip to Disney World we were on the dining plan. This meant we got two snack credits a day to spend however we’d like across all parks. We struggled to use them as we didn’t want to waste them on rubbish snacks, but my recommendation is USE THEM, otherwise you end up having ditch half of your luggage to drag 24 bags of Goofy sweets back home… no regrets.

There are so many amazing snacks at Disney World, but here are some of my favourites.



There is a Starbucks in all 4 parks and is a great way to spend snack credits. You can get any drink in any size for one credit which is perfect for your morning coffee or if you need a mid-afternoon pick me up.

I don’t drink coffee, but I am partial to anything strawberry or chocolate flavoured, so was very satisfied with the options! As you can see from the above, I went for the biggest size available each time.

Starbucks also have options like pan au chocolat’s and themed cupcakes that are snack credits. I may or may not have had a cupcake for breakfast on a few days, but if you can’t do it on holiday, when can you?

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich


On our first day we went to Magic Kingdom for opening, meaning we needed to find breakfast. I may or may not (definitely did) have chosen allll of the ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. One snack credit, and one satisfied person!

Cheshire Cat Tail (and Frozen Lemonade!)

IMG_7878This is one snack I’d seen on Instagram and knew I wanted to try. It’s pretty much a chocolate pastry covered in blue/purple/pink icing to look like… well the Cheshire cat’s tail. It’s so tasty and you can pick this up near the tea cups in Magic Kingdom. I was also obsessed with frozen lemonade whilst out there which was also a great use of a snack credit.

Frozen Coke

IMG_7858Make way for the drink of dreams! We tried frozen coke on our first trip in 2016 and were obsessed. We definitely used a few snack credits on these. This one is from the coke store at Epcot.

Mickey Shaped… anything!



I love anything Mickey shaped and I am totally bought into the hype! Whilst the pretzel itself isn’t the best I’ve ever had, they make a nice snack whilst waiting for a show. They also come with a little tub of melted cheese which makes it a really good use of a snack credit. The rice crispy treats and ice-cream bars are also amazing and I’m embarrassed to say how many of them I consumed… it was a lot!

Night Blossom


Another drink to my list of snacks, but this just had to be included! You can pick up a Night Blossom at Pongu Pongu in Pandora at Animal Kingdom and I 100% recommend you do just that. It’s so nice and refreshing, definitely something you’ll need for that 4 hour Flight of Passage line (just get a fast pass guys!).

Eat Around the World at Epcot


Here we have a funnel cake which I tried for the first time! The thing I love about the dining plan is that we tried so many things we wouldn’t have usually and this one was a big success. If you opt for the funnel cake with sugar it’s a snack credit! I swear it’s like $7 as well so a really good use of a credit. There are also so many other things you can try at Epcot, I really enjoyed the caramel popcorn in Germany and we also tried the troll horn in Norway.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to spend your snack credits at Disney, but my advice is get whatever you want! I could have included so many more in here, but I think part of the fun is exploring and finding snacks you love. Try everything, especially if it’s Mickey shaped.


Thanks for reading! :)

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