Booking Character Meets at Disneyland Paris with Lineberty

I’m currently sat on the Eurostar making my way home from a 3 day trip to Disneyland Paris (which I shared it all on my Disney Instagram account (@bethanyfrancesca_)). Whilst I was there I posted on my stories about booking slots for character meets in the Studios Park and it got a really good response.

Disneyland Paris introduced the system at the start of June (around the 7th I believe) and it applies to certain meets at the Studios Park only. I’m assuming if it works well they may roll it out to the Disneyland Park but I’m no expert.

The App

The third party app, Lineberty is used by various French companies to help with lines, wait times etc. and is fairly straight forward to use.

I’d recommend downloading it before you travel so you don’t need to worry about using Disney WiFi. We all know it isn’t the most reliable of signals!

Which meets?

Currently it applies to the following character meet & greets:

  • Mickey @ Toon Plaza
  • Buzz Lightyear @ Toon Plaza
  • The Incredibles @ Art of Disney Animation
  • Captain America @ Production Courtyard

Its important to note that these are subject to change, and we’re just the ones in the programme the week I visited.


Originally when they introduced the app, I’ve heard all meet & greets were released at 9:45 regardless of the time their meet started (which is stated in the programme)

However, on our trip only Mickey and Buzz were released at 9:45 and the rest were at 10:45.

The only reason I can think of for this, is that Mickey and Buzz meets started at 10am and the rest at 11am. But it did say 9:45 in the programme for all meets, so just keep an eye on it or ask a cast member.

How to Book

The app is incredibly simple, you click Disneyland Paris and you are taken to a page with all of the meets. They’ll either have ‘Closed’, ‘Full’, or a wait time like 4h15.

Closed means it is yet to open for that day, so for example at 9:45 we had to refresh a fair few times until Mickey (and Buzz) became available.

Full means there aren’t any more meets for the day and you won’t be able see that character for a meet.

The wait time (4h15) indicates how long to queue is. So if you click on that, it will provide you with a screen that allows you to pick how many people are in your party and then give you an e-ticket.

Going to your Meet

Once you’ve booked you’ll be able to see what number ticket you are (these can be in the hundreds!) as well as how long you have until you need to be at the location.

You’ll receive a notification when it’s near, so maybe 20 people in front of you in the queue, and continue to receive them until it’s your turn.

Then you are good to go! Off to the location, so Toon Plaza if you are meeting Mickey where you’ll show a cast member your ticket and get in the queue.

General Tips

In theory this is great and we didn’t have any huge issues with it, considering it’s only been a thing for a couple of weeks. However, I do have a couple of things I’d recommend.

  • Use more than one phone! If you are in the party of 2 like we were, make sure you both have the app and try to get a spot.
  • As DLP seem to be playing around with the times, check the programme but also use your common sense. If a meet (like The Incredibles) hasn’t apparently by 10am ask a cast member as it may be that it won’t appear until 10:45 like we experienced.
  • Arrive to your meet early. You’ll get notifications closer to your time letting you know how many people are in front of you. If you are number 20, you arrive and 18 and 19 haven’t turned up yet, they may let you go ahead.
  • Don’t assume all of the people hanging around the entrance to a meet have tickets on the app. It’s still very new & a lot of people haven’t read the programme/signs around the meet & greet areas so aren’t aware you need to use the app. Get yourself to a cast member to let them know you are there, have a ticket and are ready to go!

Overall, it’s not a bad experience. I like the idea of not having to stand in a queue for 40 minutes to meet Mickey but I also like the spontaneity of the meets around both parks. I like that you can get your slot and then do whatever you want in between, rides, go for lunch etc. so it does help you manage your time a bit better in an otherwise near impossible park to plan in advance with!

I think once people get used to it and cast members are more comfortable with it, the entrances to the meets will be less chaotic but that’s probably my only annoyance.

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