3 Days in Disneyland Paris – June 2018

If you’ve been to Disney World you’ll know that you can plan your days around fast passes and numerous dining reservations, however Disneyland Paris is a completely different trip. You can’t plan fast passes before, instead you have to pick up paper ones at the kiosks near the ride and for any sit down dining reservations, you have to ring ahead of time.

I love Disneyland Paris and my trip in June was only the second time I’d been, but it was operation get Beth an Annual Pass. I was taking my boyfriend for his first time and I needed to convince him we’d get the use out of an Annual Pass. I succeeded and I’m now a Magic Plus AP holder and can’t wait to plan some trips over the next year!

We flew in from Milan (as we’d spent the weekend there) early on Monday morning, and jumped in an Uber to the parks. We’d planned to get the train but there were strikes and the queue for the coach was crazy so we settled for an Uber that cost around the same as us both paying for either other options.

Day 1 – Monday 18th June


  • Arrived at Sequoia Lodge before 11am where we checked in and dumped our bags before freshening up and heading to the park. Our room was ready which was perfect as it meant we didn’t need to mess around later on!


  • We got the resort bus for the first and only time the whole trip and started with a visit to the beautiful Disneyland Park. As we had our bags checked it absolutely poured it down for around 10 minutes but it was the only rain we saw the whole time.


  • We hadn’t eaten all day as we were up around 5am to get to the airport so made a beeline for Hakuna Matata’s (after picking up Big Thunder fast passes on the way). I loved their fries last time and needed them in my life!


  • It was then time for a photoshoot by the castle (you’ll find all of the photos on Instagram), rode Big Thunder Mountain with our fast pass and then managed to grab a fast pass for Hyperspace Mountain.


  • As we came off of Space Mountain we picked up fast passes for Star Tours! We had a bit of a wait for it so decided to check out the shops on Main Street and caught the show on the castle stage.


  • Once we’d rode Star Tours we grabbed a drink, did some people watching (my favourite thing to do!) and then found ourselves a place to watch the parade. The weather had gone from rainy to absolutely beautiful and we were boiling waiting for the parade!
  • As soon as the parade ended we headed out of the park (with the masses!) and over to Disney Village for a McDonalds before the England game.
  • We then headed to the hotel to charge our phones and chill for half an hour before the match kicked off downstairs in the hotel bar.


  • By this point we’d been up for AGES but we knew we wanted to see Illuminations so we headed back to the park to see the fireworks. We then waved Mickey good night and walked back through the Disney Village to our hotel for the night.

I honestly had the best first day ever, I felt v lucky to have entered the park around lunch time and still got fast passes for the big rides. We were exhausted after a really long day, but set our alarms super early for the next day!

Day 2 – Tuesday 19th June


  • Hello Extra Magic Hours! We decided to rope drop the Studios Park as Crush’s Coaster was one I didn’t manage to do on my last trip and everyone seems to love it. We were literally amongst the first 5 people into the park and onto Crush.
  • From there we walked onto Ratatouille which is a ride I absolutely love. Last time I went it was really busy so we went on single rider and the person next to me was sick on the ride, so thankfully it was a better experience this time!


  • My boyfriend loves Toy Story so I was desperate to take him around the Playland. We took advantage of all the photo opps and walked onto all three rides in that area.


  • It got to half 9 and we were ready to walk on Tower of Terror. Just as they let us in, they walked us straight back out again as the ride was down which was such a shame as we were having the most perfect of mornings.
  • We decided not to hang around ToT and wait for it to come back up as it was coming up to the time we needed to have our full attention on booking character meets with the Lineberty app (more on that here if you are interested). We managed to get the third ticket for Mickey Mouse so took some photos around the park whilst we waited.


  • I met Mickey pretty quickly as the new system worked well so we decided to head out to Disney Village for some breakfast as we were yet to eat. We settled on McDonalds (even though we’d had it the night before) as it was cheap, quick and easy. Whilst we were ordering tickets became available for The Incredibles meet and greet, so I managed to get one of them and we headed back to the park to meet them after our breakfast.
  • We headed straight over to Mickey & The Magician after a hilarious meet with The Incredibles and I was blown away. I hadn’t read anything about the show, seen any spoilers etc. so had no idea what to expect but I loved it. Made me a little bit emotional if I’m honest!


  • One thing I really enjoyed was the Animation Class in the Disney Animation Gallery. As we’d done most of the rides we wanted to that morning it was nice to take it a little slower and make time for something a bit different. So we headed back over there (it’s also where The Incredible meet is FYI) after the show and took part in drawing Mickey. We both really enjoyed this and it’s a nice thing to take home to remember your trip.
  • At this point the queue for ToT was crazy as it was finally up and running, but we managed to get a fast pass for later in the afternoon. We decided to visit World of Disney to pick up everything we wanted on the trip and take it all back to the hotel.


  • We had a late lunch at New York Style Sandwiches in the Disney Village. Would I recommend it? No if you want a wrap (it was expensive and average) but yes if you fancy pasta. I had the pasta and whilst it was quite basic you got a lot for the price and it definitely filled me up.
  • We headed into the Studios park for the 3rd time that day to ride ToT with the fast pass we picked up. We were told it would be a 45 minute wait in the fast past queue which was crazy, but its my favourite ride and we’d already got so much done we decided to wait. We ended up queuing for over an hour which is the longest I’ve ever queued for a ride on Disney property.


  • We left the Studios Park and went over to the Disneyland Park. It was super busy and people were starting to find their places for the parade. We decided to skip this, took some photos around the park, did Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and picked up a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain.


  • Whilst the parade was on, we snagged an outdoor seat at Victoria’s as I was dying to try one of their milkshakes. It was delicious and I’ll definitely be trying a chocolate one when I go back.
  • We rode Big Thunder Mountain with our fast pass and loved every second of it but we then decided to leave the park and head for some dinner.
  • We ate at Five Guys which is always one of my favourite places to grab a burger and walked back through the Disney Village to Sequoia Lodge where I traded the fireworks for a long bath and a Love Island catch up (judge me all you want!).

Another amazing day which we thought was super productive as we managed to get so much done within the first couple of hours!

Day 3 – Wednesday 20th June

  • Our final day arrived and we decided to spend the day at the Disneyland Park (after checking out and leaving our luggage at the hotel) as we’d done everything we wanted to at the Studios Park the day before (neither of us are big Marvel fans, which is why we didn’t get involved in any of the Summer of Superhero stuff, in case you were wondering!).
  • We walked onto Space Mountain and Buzz which was fab as we love both and hadn’t managed to ride Buzz yet as it was down every time we tried. Dumbo was next on the list as we walked around the park, and then we then ran over to do the Indiana Jones ride which was also down when we’d tried to ride it on the Monday. I’m glad this was a walk on as I wasn’t blown away by it.
  • On the way to Indiana Jones we saw Baloo was out which was so cute, so we met him!
  • We then went in search for breakfast. Breakfast is an annoyance for me at Disney parks as I find most places are closed, all offerings are bloody egg OR they stop serving it really early and you can’t even get a croissant anywhere after 10am. We ended up having a crepe which didn’t really satisfy either of us.


  • Moaning aside we rode Big Thunder again and loved it. The wait was a lot longer than it said originally which was annoying but you forget about that once you are on it!


  • The most exciting part of the trip happened as we made our way over to the building next to the castle that deals with all things ANNUAL FREAKIN’ PASS related. We both purchased our Magic Plus passes, got excited and practically ran to get some lunch.
  • As the crepe wasn’t the breakfast of dreams we headed for Cafe Hyperion and grabbed a Buzz fast pass on the way. The queue for food was A JOKE and it moved so slowly, Im sure we waited about 40 minutes to be served.


  • To add insult to injury Buzz was down when it came to our fast pass time after lunch, so we headed to find some candy floss as I had wanted it since we arrived on the Monday. I ate it whilst we people watched in the shade as it was absolutely boiling. Definitely beat the December rain of my last trip.
  • As it was getting closer to our Eurostar time, we had an ice cream, one last wander around (we saw Belle and Gaston) before heading to Disney Village to check out the shops we hadn’t been in yet. As we needed to grab our bags from the hotel, we walked back and I got myself a glowtini whilst we watched a random World Cup game.
  • We said goodbye to the hotel (I’d definitely stay there again!) before grabbing our luggage and making our way over to the train station for our train home.

All in all we had the best trip ever and we’re looking at possible days to return in September (although I want to go back before then!). I hope this has been useful in seeing what is realistic to get done each day (when it isn’t summer holiday time etc.) but also interesting if you are just nosy and want to know what we did!

Thanks for reading! :)

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