Disneyland Paris Outfit Planning

I love outfit planning when I go away, especially for a trip to Disney! I get quite a lot of questions over on Instagram (@bethanyfrancesca_) about my outfits, how I plan, where I buy clothes from etc. So I thought this may be a useful post.

Disneyland Paris outfits can be drastically different depending on the time of year you are going. I went in December last year where it was all about staying warm enough that your fingers didn’t drop off. But I also went in June during a particularly warm Summer for Europe and wanted to look cute, but not sweat to death. See the difference?

So, these are the thing I’d think about when planning a trip to Disneyland Paris.


Bounding as your favourite character has become a huge thing in the parks so the first thing you should probably do is decide if it’s something you want to do.

For me, it isn’t really my cup of tea. I think some people look amazing when they bound but I’m not big on character interaction and much prefer to enjoy the rides and theming of the parks so steer clear of bounding.

If you are wanting to bound, this will shape what to buy.


Regardless of whether you are bounding or not you want to be comfortable. Whilst Disneyland Paris is a lot smaller than Florida you will still do a lot of walking so comfy shoes are an absolute must.

I find trainers work a treat for me as they go with loads of outfits, are fine when it’s warm but also keep my feet fairly toasty in the winter months, too! I’d perhaps consider comfy boots if you are going around Christmas when it hits minus figures though!

On the flip side of that, one thing I suffer with in the heat is chafing. Fat people problem I suppose but under skirts I always wear shorts like these and they work like a dream.

Disney everything or not?

I’m a sucker for a Disney tee and these are usually my staple for a day in the parks. I’ll build my outfit around one, like in this flatlay. I’m obsessed with this Mickey tee from Uniqlo, so matched the skirt and ears to it, simple!

If you are looking for Disney tees I’d recommend Primark, Uniqlo and Zara but there are so many places you can pick them up these days!

All about the accessories

I know some people go crazy on accessories but I mainly like to make sure I have a nice pair of ears! I usually buy my ears from the parks or EarsEverAfter on Etsy. There are so many sellers on line it can be quite overwhelming but I find ears from EarsEverAfter to be amazing quality and they are comfortable on my head.

When it comes to a bag I usually opt for a small rucksack depending on how much I’ll be taking with me to the parks that day. If I don’t have much, I’ll use a bag like the above. Basically anything that means I have hands free to take picture, eat snacks and just enjoy myself!

Basically as long as you are comfortable and think you look cute you can’t go wrong!

Thanks for reading! :)

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