Keeping Food Costs Down at Disneyland Paris

In June I bought an annual pass for Disneyland Paris and whilst I haven’t been a million times, I’ve picked up some ‘must dos’ for our trips.

Our biggest expense aside from merchandise is food as it’s kind of an essential and all that.

There are a few things we do which help me keep food costs down.

1. Take a water bottle

This sounds really obvious but so many people don’t do it, and neither did I until my last trip.

1. Bottled water is expensive in the parks and it seems crazy to pay for it when you can take two minutes filling up your water bottle.

2. Plastic use is something I think a lot of us are more wary about so by taking your own plastic bottle you are creating less waste. A winner in my eyes!

3. I love coke and will drink that over water every time. So when I don’t take a water bottle I immediately default to that. We all know it isn’t good for you so by forcing myself to have (free) water I not only save money but also save my health!

4. Even if you don’t like water, take one of those little bottles of juice and make it up each time you refill your bottle.

I bought a Hydratem8 a few months ago and haven’t looked back… which seems like a bold statement about something as simple as a water bottle. I have two, one I keep in the office and one for when I’m at home. I recommend!

2. Share meals for lunch

This may sound like I’m just being tight, but it comes from experience. When we buy two main meals for lunch we always have leftover food. I actually did this twice on our last trip so should really take my own advice!

Most of the meals at the quick service locations are really good sized portions. The chicken strips & chips at Hakuna Matata’s could easily be shared between two people, as could the platter you can see above from Cowboy Cookout.

Obviously it depends on your appetite but nobody likes wasted food.

3. Take Snacks

I’ve done this on every trip and found it such a good way to save money. This doesn’t stop you treating yourself to a fab little Mickey shaped shortbread like the one pictured, but by taking things to stop you getting hangry in between meals you’ll stop arguments whilst saving money. At least that’s what happens with me anyway…

I’m talking crisps, biscuits and whatever else. I mean, I saw people get out full on baguettes and ham and make themselves a sandwich in front of the castle!

4. Don’t buy breakfast at the park

I find the breakfast at Disneyland Paris to be absolutely crap and is the only meal I avoid in the parks. The only day I’ve been satisfied is when I paid for the character breakfast at Plaza Gardens (which I 100% recommend!).

Check out the breakfast options at your hotel, when I stayed at the B&B at Disneyland it was included in the price and was pretty good!

I’d recommend taking a bag of brioche, croissants or whatever takes your fancy with you on your trip. It sounds ridiculous but in the Studios park last week it was around €2.09 for a croissant which when you think about it is crazy. Add in a coffee and you are talking over €5 each for a pretty boring ‘meal’.

Take advantage of your Annual Pass discount

There are certain places in the Disney Village you can’t use your discount with, so make sure you are aware of where you’ll be able to save your £££.

Some stands in the parks won’t let you use your discount either, so if you are looking for one of those cute marshallow ghosts, grab one from a store that lets you use your discount. Might as well get the use out of it!

If you have any other suggestions let me know, I’m always up for saving a bit of money on food whilst in the parks!


  1. Great read! One thing I did which may be a bit sneaky but a money saver nonetheless.. Because I had breakfast included at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and it’s a buffet, besides eating as much as possible, I also stocked up! Filled up my water bottle with apple juice and popped a bunch of pain au chocolat in a napkin! Plus fruit and whatever else would be good to nibble on throughout the day 🙂


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