Where to stay at Disneyland Paris: Disney, Partner or Offsite Hotel?

Where you stay on your visit to Disneyland Paris usually depends on one thing, how much is it and can I afford it? I’ve been 4 times in the last 11 months and have stayed somewhere different each time so thought I’d share my thoughts on all scenarios.

Disney Hotel

Why wouldn’t you want to stay in a Disney hotel? Convenient location, walking distance to the parks and beautiful theming keeping you well and truly in the Disney bubble. There is also the perk of Extra Magic Time which can be the main reason some people opt for a Disney hotel.

A huge downside to a Disney hotel is that they are usually incredibly pricey. Even with my annual pass discount, when I wanted to visit in September they were completely out of our price range.

I’ve stayed at both Sequoia Lodge and Hotel Cheyenne but all Disney resorts are within walking distance to the parks. If you are looking at the Cheyenne and Santa Fe you’ll more likely need to get the shuttle bus, but they are free and my experience of them is pretty good.

My first step for booking is to get on Hotels.com or something similar to check out the prices of all Disney hotels during the dates I want to visit. They are 100% my first choice when it comes to booking a trip to Disneyland Paris as long as I’m happy with the price. I saw Santa Fe for around £60 a night for dates in December when I looked a few weeks ago, so it’s definitely possible!

Partner Hotel

A partner hotel is one that Disneyland Paris recommends and is part of the partner hotel shuttle bus route. They are in walking distance (at a push) of the parks but the free shuttle bus is how you’ll most likely get to and from the parks.

In September (when the Disney hotels were too expensive) we found a decent deal at the Hotel B&B at Disneyland. Breakfast was included which is a huge plus for me (I don’t rate Disneyland Paris breakfast) and we used the shuttle bus to get to and from the parks.

Real talk with these resorts is that they aren’t Disney hotels so don’t expect the same level of attention to detail you would usually. I’ve heard some horror stories about the Kyriad and on our first day we ended up having to get an Uber to the parks due to delays on the bus but they can be really good value.

I’d definitely stay at a partner hotel again if Disney options were too pricey. You just need to allow more time to get to the parks and particularly getting back to the hotel after the Illuminations.

Offsite Hotel

I was pleasantly surprised with our experience staying off site when we went last weekend. We stayed at the Hotel B&B at Torcy as it was around £50 a night as little did I know it was half term which is why everywhere else was coming up massively expensive.

The RER to Torcy runs from Disneyland Paris super frequently as is only 3 stops away. It took us about 20 minutes from leaving our hotel to entering security at the parks which was actually quicker than walking back to the Cheyenne. The B&B at Torcy is less than a 5 minute walk from the station and you can see it as you exit the train station (in the pic above) so it’s really easy to find.

Obviously we had to pay for the train each time but we bought a bundle of 10 tickets which was enough between the two of us.

The hotel itself was pretty basic (like the partner one) but we spent hardly any time there we didn’t need the nice theming etc. There are other options around Val D’Europe which is one stop on the same train but for the sake of two stops I’d happily stay there again.

I’d be a little more wary on booking an offsite hotel, and obviously read the reviews etc. I booked this as I had a recommendation from someone on Instagram so worth asking around for specific hotels.

So, where?

It depends on what works for you (obviously). I have no children so it’s super easy to jump on and off the train, but if you have a couple of kids you may prefer to go for a Disney or partner hotel. The saving of an offsite may out weigh the faff of the train, but for some people it might not.

Is this helpful? Probably not, but I wouldn’t rule any options out. If money was no object I’m sure I’d pretty much live at the Disneyland Hotel but being realistic just pick what is best for you. Basically, don’t be phased by having to jump on the train for a few stops if you think that’s the only way you’ll be able to afford it!

Let me know if you have any off site suggestions or any thoughts in general. I’d love to experience some nicer off site locations.


  1. Thanks for this Beth, I’m glad I have cake across your blog, very informative 🙂 I’m desperately wanting to go over to DLP but can only do one night atm. So this piece has been really helpful :). Xx


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