Surviving in the cold at Disneyland Paris

I’ve had loads of conversations recently about Disneyland Paris in December and more specifically how to enjoy it despite the minus temperatures! I’ve been in December for the past two years and whilst I wasn’t prepared back in 2017, I made sure we were this year.

Buy thermals

People massively under estimate just how cold it can get which means you run the risk of your trip being ruined, it really is that cold. In 2017 I was this person and our only saving grace is that we did 3 or 4 nights so spending half a day in the hotel trying to warm up didn’t ruin our trip too much.

Fast forward to this year and I was prepared! Uniqlo was somewhere I knew did really good thermals and the prices aren’t bad either. I believe their basics range is £12.90 per piece and Primark is around the £8 mark so you don’t pay much more for the quality.

On from this, layer up!! Take a couple more T-shirt’s than you think you’ll need or an extra jumper! I did this on my last trip and wore everything!!

Don’t forget a hat, scarf or gloves

This is incredibly basic I know but you’ll need these and if you forget them you will be forced to pay the crazy prices in the parks! It may not look stylish but I had to resort to wearing my ears on top of my hat so you can only guess how cold it is!

If you forget your hat and gloves you’ll be looking at spending around 40€ for new ones and surely that is best spent on merch or even food?!

Buy a hot chocolate

No joke these hot chocolates save lives! Maybe slightly dramatic but if you are waiting for a parade or the castle show keep warm with one. I don’t drink tea or coffee but they’d do the job too! I used this to warm my hands before drinking it. I’m usually quite fussy with hot chocolate but find the one at Disneyland Paris to be really good.

Go and see an indoor show or find a queue that is inside

The 75 minute queue to meet the princesses might not be ideal on a nice summer day but can be a life saver when the temperature drops below zero. Find rides with indoor queues (that you want to ride of course) as you’ll keep warm whilst being sort of productive!

Visit Cafe Fantasia in the Disneyland Hotel

I’ve been in there during my last three trips and will continue to go back. Not only are you in the beautiful Disneyland Hotel, it’s right outside the park so you don’t have to walk far for some warmth. I personally love the hot chocolate but you can also get the famous glowtinis! I recommend this place as you can take an hour or so to enjoy the surroundings and the hotel shop is really cute too!

I know none of this is rocket science but this is how I’ve coped in the cold at Disneyland Paris. Would love to know if you have any more tips!

Thanks for reading! :)

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