Making the most of Extra Magic Time at Disneyland Paris

If you have an annual pass or are staying in a Disney hotel you are eligible for Extra Magic Time (EMT). You can enter the park an hour early and enjoy some attractions before the general public pile on in. I thought I’d tell you how I make the most of this time and what my perfect morning at Disneyland Paris is.

What time?

The parks usually open at 10am and EMT is between 8:30 and 9:30. This is across both parks so you have a choice on where to utilise the extra hour you are given.

Where to go?

I’d say the studios park ALLLLL day long and I’ll detail why below, but if you want a castle shot that is fairly quiet, the Disneyland Park is probably your way to go.

What rides are open?

This can obviously change due to rides having refurbs etc. but as a rough guide you’ll find the following rides open:

Disneyland Park

Peter Pan’s Flight, Dumbo, Tea Cups, Carrousel, The, Princess Pavillion, Buzz Lightyear, Orbitron, Hyperspace Mountain

Walt Disney Studios Park:

Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille and Rock n Roller Coaster

What do I do?

I always spend EMT in the Studios park for one reason and one reason only, Crush’s Coaster! This ride has no fast passes available and due to the fact it’s perfect for both adults and children it always has a huge line throughout the day.

My recommendation is to get into the park for EMT opening and head straight to Crush’s Coaster – we’ve done this a few times now and the longest time we’ve had to wait is 15 minutes.

We then head straight for Ratatouille as you’ll usually find at this time they are letting you through the single rider queue and you pretty much walk on. I love this ride but my boyfriend isn’t keen so we ride this once and then consider that done for the trip.

Rock n Roller Coaster is a walk on during EMT so we head over there the Toy Story area of the park. I don’t know if parachute drop is open during every EMT but we usually jump on this on route as its another one that tends to have a long wait time during the day.

To get to Rock n Roller Coaster we walk past Tower of Terror to see if the fast pass kiosks are open, this is quite hit and miss but it usually is so we grab one. The timing is usually to come back between 10 and 11 which fits in perfectly with our morning plans.

After Rock n Roller Coaster (which is usually a walk on) we grab a hot chocolate and wait until 9:45am where we jump on the Lineberty app to get a reservation to meet a character. We’ve met Parisian and Christmas Minnie this was, but also The Incredibles which was really fun! The times we’ve done this we’ve been lucky enough to ticket 3-5 which means we’ve headed straight over to the location to queue, meet Minnie and consider that one done, too! We have sometimes had enough time after Rock n Roller Coaster to run to McDonalds in the Village for breakfast as we think breakfast in the parks is a bit crap.

Once our fast past time rolls around for ToT (which is usually straight after meeting Minnie) we ride that and either jump on it again depending on the wait or check show times to see if there is anything on. If there isn’t we get ourselves over to Disneyland Park (or find somewhere for a proper breakfast!) having had a very productive hour already!

I hope this is helpful, of course there are so many different ways to spend EMT but this is a routine we’ve adopted after taking advantage of EMT a fair few times over the last year or so. I’d love to know how you do it, or whether you have any tips – so let me know in the comments (or over on Instagram @bethanyfrancesca_)!

Thanks for reading! :)

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