All of the Snacks I Ate at Disneyland Resort

If you follow me on Instagram (@bethanyfrancesca_) you’ll know that I’ve just spent 2 and a half days at Disneyland whilst on a lil two week trip of the West Coast of the US. I had a loooong list of snacks I wanted to try whilst in the OG park and boyyyy did I try them! So here is a (hopefully handy) little post with mini reviews for every snack I ate.

Bacon Mac n Cheese Cone – Cozy Cone Motel, Cars Land, DCA

I love mac n cheese and bread so this was a perfect combo for me. Usually I’m not a huge bacon lover but it definitely gave the mac n cheese the flavour it needed. On its own it isn’t the post flavourful but I’d 100% have this again. We shared this delightful snack for breakfast (so healthy…) after jumping on a couple of rides and it was exactly what we needed.

Rating – 8/10

Cookie Num Num – Kiosk by the Incredicoaster ride, DCA

HOLD ME. I’d seen this bad boy on sooooo many peoples instagrams it was top of my list to try. After our first ride on the Incredicoaster (which is SOOOO GOOD!!!) I picked this up. It’s warm, gooey, chocolatey deliciousness and I’d eat it over and over again if I could. As far as cookies go, this is dreamy, but make sure to eat this with a fork… and a few napkins!

Rating – 10/10

Mickey’s Cotton Candy Soda – Golden Dreams Food & Wine Festival Kiosk, DCA

You’ll learn in this post that I live for a gimmick. If you pop the pineapple cotton candy (or candy floss for us UK folk) into the drink, it goes green! That, paired with the cute lil Mickey heads along the rim of the glass was enough to have me swiping my credit card faster than… something fast. Taste wise, this was good and I also enjoyed scraping off the Mickey head confetti (which seemed to be secured on with some form of icing) and eating them because, well I bloody paid for them.

Would I have this again? Probably not. Did I appreciate the cute pic for the gram? Yes I did. Would I recommend it? If you are as extra as me, go for it!

Rating – 7/10

Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls – California Craft Brews Food & Wine Festival Kiosk, DCA

Sweeeet mother of God these were wonderful. As a pizza lover I had to try these, there were no two ways about it. They come with marinara and pesto sauces and both are a delight. The egg rolls themselves were special and I could have eaten 5 more. They were $7 for this lil box of joy which is probably a bit extortionate but, when at Disney… Personally, I think there was too much sauce, which was a bit wasteful, but that was my only gripe.

Rating – 9/10

Classic Popcorn – Served everywhere in Disneyland

Whilst we were there it was the OMG STEAMBOAT WILLIE POPCORN BUCKET chaaaaaos and amidst all of that, we were given free popcorn. You have to buy popcorn with the bucket and most people opted for it to be in a box rather than inside the bucket, as they just wanted the bucket and didn’t want to have to clean it out later. ANYWAY a lovely guy handed this to us on our way into Disneyland and walked away cradling his popcorn bucket as if it was his first born. This meant I didn’t have to fork out the $5 or whatever it is for popcorn, and it satisfied the craving I’d had since arriving earlier that day.

Disney popcorn is something special. I don’t care what anyone says, IT IS THE BEST.

Rating – 10/10

Mickey Birthday Churro – Cart in front of the castle, Disneyland

First churro of the trip hadddd to be one to celebrate the main mouses birthday. I had to pay an extra $1 for the dipping sauce and I’m glad I did because it took it from a low scoring snack to a better than average one. I don’t have much more to say about this, Disneyland churros are pretty good and I did like the touch that the birthday cake flavoured sugar was red.

Rating – 7/10

The Pixar Pier Parfait – The Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, Pixar Pier, DCA

I don’t actually know what this is called, other than it was indeed something something parfait. I scrapped the cherry immediately after taking this photo but other than that I LOVED this. The lemon soft serve is that of dreams and the raspberry slush thing is a delight on its own but also mixed together. I didn’t manage to eat all of this but that’s because I had been to Lamplight Lounge just before it and stuffed my face with nachos…

Rating – 8/10

Starbucks Strawberry Açai Cooler – Starbucks, DCA

For anyone in the US you are probably wondering why the hell I’ve included such a basic Starbucks here… but no no let me tell you! We don’t get this drink of dreams in the UK so it’s almost law that we have to pick at least one up when in the states. I opted for a smaller one with breakfast (chocolate croissant, boring) and it was the perfect refreshing treat. Oh humble strawberry Açai cooler you will always have a place in my heart.

Rating – 10/10

Churro Toffee – Some bakery thing in DCA (but you can get this is any of the bakery type shops)

This stuff is HARD. Like careful not to break your teeth hard but my god it tastes glorious. I came to Disneyland for the churros and left with THE BEST SWEET TREAT to take home with me.

Rating – 9/10

Mickey Mouse Celebration Churro – Cart by Small World, Disneyland

A cast member recommended this churro to me and as soon as she said it’s chocolate with cookie batter drizzled on I WAS SOLD. Finding this however was a rollercoaster in itself. On our last morning we found the kiosk… closed. After admitting defeat and going to Toon Town to take some pics (love the theming it that area of the park!), we walked back past the cart to FIND THE GUY JUST OPENING. So… dramatic story over a churro over, I got it. And unlike the other one, the dip was included in the price. Unfortunately, the dip wasn’t nice BUT the churro alone was enough to bring a tear to my eye. It was beautiful and we enjoyed it whilst on the train around the park. What a love story.

Rating – 10/10

Mickey Cookies n Cream Shake – Schmoozies, DCA

The queue for this kiosk was none existent which brought me great joy, but it still took forever to be made. That aside it was a decent milkshake, the Oreos were nice and it satisfied the ‘it will look cute on Instagram’ side to me. However, there was too much cream to the point that it ended up being a thick mixture in the bottom of the cup that I ended up throwing away. The cute little Mickey detail on the side didn’t really taste of anything either and I was left feeling a bit bitter about putting a bloody Mickey milkshake on my credit card.

Rating – 5/10

Pizza Popcorn – Cozy Cone Motel, Cars Land, DCA

Started with a snack from Cozy Cone Motel and I’m ending with one, too. The last snack of the trip was pizza popcorn which I was dying to try. It was really good but my god it made me cough every time I ate it. I soon learnt that to stop this I had to kind of suck it to wet the flavouring before swallowing it… that is a weird thing to write. But trust me, it works.

Rating – 7/10


Thanks for reading! :)

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