Using Max Pass at Disneyland

When I was researching what the hell Max Pass was at Disneyland and whether it would be useful for me, I didn’t find many useful resources. Seeing as my blog has become mostly Disney Parks tips I wanted to try and explain the system, it’s benefits etc. to anyone planning on visiting who is unsure. So here we go…

What is Max Pass?

Max Pass is a paid for service which allows you to book fast passes on the Disneyland app. The normal system (similar to Disneyland Paris) requires you to visit the Fast Pass kiosk at the ride, so this service cuts out the leg work.

How much is it?

It costs $15 per day, which in my opinion is an absolute bargain and something you should budget for.

How do I get Max Pass?

It’s actually really simple! You link your tickets to your account on the Disneyland app (you can do this by scanning the barcode on your ticket)! Once you’ve done this it can see you have valid park admission which is obviously needed to be able to book any fast pass at Disney. On the app you’ll see an option to buy Max Pass (note: you can only do this once you are inside the parks) so you simply add it to your basket, checkout and you are good to go.

How do I book the fast passes?

We used this system for two days and found it really simple. You use the app which will tell you what rides are available in each park and the next fast pass time slots. You click which one you want and head over to the ride during your hour time slot.

Ok, what do I do when I get to the ride?

You won’t receive a paper fast pass like you do at Disneyland Paris – even if you go to the kiosk with a normal ticket, the paper fast passes the machine gives you aren’t your fast passes, they are simply reminders, your tickets store the fast passes!

Your park tickets also store all of your fast passes made with Max Pass, so when you get to the fast pass line at a ride, you open the Disneyland app and scan the barcode that appears for that fast pass. Think of the app as your magic band in Disney World!

Can I have more than one fast pass?

When you book a fast pass it will tell you the time you can jump on the app and book another one! For example, we’d booked one for Radiator Springs Racers in DCA and whilst we were heading over there we were able to book another. There will be times where you can book one hours before your other fast pass and others where if your fast pass is 10:40 – 11:40 you can book another at 10:40. I’d recommend getting on the app at 10:40 and getting yourself a fast pass before riding with the fast pass you already have.

Nick thinks to get another fast pass it’s either the time of your current fast pass or an hour and a half after you booked your current one (if it’s for a later time) if that makes sense?! Basically whichever comes first!

Can I book fast passes in advance?

Simply the answer is no, you can only book them on the day, whilst you are in the parks.

Do fast pass slots run out?

Yes! Just like with the normal system, slots for the bigger more popular rides can sell out. We’re talking Indiana Jones, Radiator Springs Racers, Space Mountain etc. If you are in the parks on a busy day, make sure you book these first.

What’s the deal with World of Color?

You can fast pass World of Color first thing in the morning (which I definitely recommend) and it won’t impact you being able to use Max Pass for the rest of the day. World of Color fast passes are by the Little Mermaid ride if you are wondering!

And Photo Pass?

It’s included for the day you purchase Max Pass which is bloody amazing if you ask me! We got some really nice photos the two days we had Max Pass so it couldn’t be more worth it if you ask me.

Is it worth it?

In my experience, we were there for 2 and a half days and wanted to get on as many rides possible, so it was 10000% worth it! We rode 11 rides on our 2nd full day, which were a mixture of fast pass rides and not. By having Max Pass it meant we can book a Guardians fast pass whilst riding Dumbo rather than having to swap parks and hope they had some left!

I hope this has been helpful… it’s just my experience of using Max Pass on two days when I visited. If you have any questions leave them below or message me on Instagram (bethanyfrancesca_).

Thanks for reading! :)

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